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Lubavitcher Children Belong In Lubavitcher Schools!

A letter written by R’ Avrohom Pariz describing the uniqueness of Kfar Chabad and asking its residents to behave accordingly

Boruch Hashem, Tammuz 5721 (1961)

To my brothers Anash,

First of all, I want to briefly tell you what a Rebbe is:

The Rebbe writes in a letter: “He who sanctifies the name of Chabad, sanctifies the name of the nasi; and when one sanctifies the name of the nasi, one sanctifies the name of Atzmus Ohr Ein Sof baruch Hu.

Whoever has a brain in his head, can understand from these few brief words, what a Rebbe is all about. Within the holy body of the Rebbe, Atzmus Ein Sof baruch Hu resides, similar to “the Shechina’s constricting itself between the two poles of the aron.” This tells us that whatever the Rebbe says or writes, Atzmus Ein Sof baruch Hu is saying and writing, so to speak.

When I was in Otvotsk, in Poland, R’ Yechezkel Feigin told me that the Rebbe Rayatz had once told him that a Jew once came and asked him for business advice. “That Jew,” said the Rebbe, “was in business for 25 years. Doesn’t he know his business better than I do? However, I do not answer based on intellect.

The Rebbe Rashab once said, “My first thought — whether regarding a personal matter or a general matter — cannot be ignored.”

From these holy words you understand that the “Shechina speaks within their throats.” A healthy intellect derives thereby that when someone does not obey the Rebbe in a personal matter, he does a tremendously foolish thing.

But when we speak about a matter that affects the general public, particularly a matter that affects Klal Yisroel, and certainly a matter which affects the preparations for the revelation of light of Moshiach mamash — then, not listening delays the revelation of light for the time being! This sin is too great to bear.

In truth, this is universally relevant, but now I will speak about matters pertaining to Kfar Chabad since this is the “ikar ha’ikrim” (of greatest importance).

The Rebbe wrote a number of times that Kfar Chabad is not a private matter, and it is not a place where people gathered to form a town for their personal reasons. Kfar Chabad is not like this at all. Kfar Chabad is a universal matter, relevant to Anash all around the world.

The idea is that the residents of the Kfar must raise themselves up — not to think about their personal matters — and place themselves into the klal (aggregate); to think only about the betterment of the klal, and by improving the lot of the klal it will benefit them in their personal matters, in a lofty manner and with great success in actual gashmiyus, in parnasa, and the health of the family, in an incomparably greater manner than if they had only thought of themselves.

You can find a similar idea in regard to prayer. If the prayer of an individual is not the way it should be, it is not accepted. But when the same person davens with a congregation — even if his prayer is full of foreign thoughts — it rises up and is accepted favorably because of the merit of the many. So too, and even more so, in this matter.

When a person thinks only of himself, then he needs a great z’chus and great success to find a business from which he can derive parnasa and wellbeing according to his ability. But when he puts himself and his personal matters aside for the betterment of the Klal — especially in order for the Rebbe to be able to carry out his holy plans, and his holy desires, of course, are for our benefit — then he will have ample parnasa in any business at all, as well as physical health for him and his family. This is because of the z’chus ha’rabbim, and especially because of the z’chus of the Rebbe.

Based on the above, Kfar Chabad is something general, especially since Kfar Chabad is the channel through which all hashpaos come, in ruchniyus and gashmiyus, for all Anash and all Jews, and as it is written in the holy letters that through the Kfar, light spreads forth (referring to Toras HaChassidus and its ways) to the entire world. And the intention in this is that all will acknowledge and see proven that “Moshe — the Rebbe — and his Torah are true,” and this is what the Baal Shem Tov meant when he said “when your wellsprings go forth,” and this is the vessel for the revelation of light of Moshiach.

Therefore, it is understood that all of us together must unite and try to help make it happen in the quickest way possible, and this is dependent on us:

First of all, there is the issue of the education of our boys and girls. We must invest our strength in order that our children learn only in Chabad schools, and not in other schools. Whoever learns Chassidus b’tuv taam v’daas v’aliba d’nafshei (with a proper understanding and applies what he learns) understands that all the other institutions, even though they may look good on the outside, are not in line with the ultimate purpose of “your wellsprings.” Only Chabad institutions, wherever they are — if they have the seal, the name of the Rebbe — are entirely in accord with the ultimate purpose, which is the vessel for the revelation of the light of Moshiach. Whether we understand it or not, this is the reality.

The Slonimer Rebbe, z’l, said that even if Torah would be taught in Russian in the Lubavitcher yeshivos, he would tell his Chassidim to send their children there.

How pleasant it is to hear such a deep and refined thought. They knew the greatness of the holy abilities of the Rebbe, that he has the ability to transform everything into Torah [even a foreign tongue].

All this is by way of introduction to the point I wanted to write about. Since the Kfar will be a city, and it is possible that someone — called a Chassid, but who isn’t a Chassid, and the Clever One (the Yetzer Hara) will convince him — will send his child to a school that is not Chabad, which is a “ graven image in the palace of the king.”

The residents of the Kfar must ensure that such a situation does not arise, by making clear rules and regulations stating that a resident of the Kfar must send his child to mosdos Chabad only. And if not, to ask him to leave the Kfar. And it is for his good, because outside the Kfar his crime won’t be so great. But when he lives in Kfar Chabad and does not value a Chabad education, this is a pirtza in the Chabad community and a desecration of the Rebbe’s name. It’s just like tearing up the king’s picture, etc. The gabbaim of the shul do not have to give him aliya seven if he is a Kohein or Levy, because “eis la’asos l’Hashem heifeiru Torasecha” (the Torah is abolished in an emergency). This is not in the way of punishment, but in order that he repent. But if it does not help, he must be thrown out of the Kfar, for his own good, because if there is a din down below, then there is no din up Above. And if the Beis Din Shel Maala were to get involved in this, his situation will be very grave.

My brothers and friends, unite and make sure that undesirable things like these should not happen in Kfar Chabad. Don’t be impressed by the “eirev rav” [who do not obey the Rebbe]. They belong to two categories: the first category consists of those who say “Who asked you to get involved?” This group is not even in the category of man at all! They are the brokers of the Satan who wraps himself in a Rabbinical mantle, against Hashem and His anointed one.

The second category consists of those who claim “based on the way you write, you are answered.” They themselves do not even think about what they are saying! According to them, when someone writes something that is not true at all, and he [the Rebbe] answers based on what they wrote, it turns out that according to them he is supporting lies, r’l.

Not only does Toras ha’Nigla negate this opinion, but even human intellect rejects this! I ask you, is this opinion not false? It is nothing but the chutzpa of the eirev rav.

Jews are called “believers, children of believers.” Why is “believers” said twice? This teaches us what a Jew is — “And they believed in Hashem and in Moshe His servant.” This is emuna in the Creator and emuna in tzaddikim. This is a Jew!

But the eirev rav can’t stand this. They can digest belief in the Creator, but emunas tzaddikim they just can’t stand. Instead of Moshe Rabbeinu they choose a golden calf. They prefer silver and gold to the Rebbe. This is what they are about.

Kinder, we are G-d’s children. Our Father in Heaven, we are Your children and we want You and Your servant, the Rebbe. We don’t need others and we don’t want others. Be revealed to all, so that all acknowledge that he — the Rebbe — is Moshiach whose arrival we and all Jews are waiting for with chesed and rachamim, speedily mamash.

b’chol ha’kavod

Avrohom Pariz


R’ Avrohom Pariz


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