G-dly Vision
On Friday, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Groner, son of Rabbi Leibel Groner, was interviewed on Radio Kol Chai. The following is an excerpt from the interview during which Rabbi Groner illustrated, through examples, the greatness of the Rebbe MH”M.


There was no concept of day and night for the Rebbe. For us, a day means a day of work, and nighttime is for resting. For the Rebbe, day and night did not exist. There’s no such thing as: now it’s night and it’s time to go to sleep, or rest. When the Rebbe went home at midnight, he took sack loads of letters with him. If we look at the letters the Rebbe wrote, it’s hundreds and thousands. A person might think the Rebbe simply invested all his time in answering questions and writing letters about Torah and all areas of life. But the truth is that most of the time, or a large part of the time, the Rebbe was closed off in his room learning. He only devoted part of his time to answering letters.


If you’ll ask me how the Rebbe could possibly have answered so many letters, I’ll tell you an amazing thing I saw. I saw how the Rebbe picked up long letters on big pieces of paper with small script, and read it in seconds. I have no explanation for this, except that he has G-dly vision. He reads it instantly and moves on to the next letter. But most of the time the Rebbe was closeted in his room and even the secretaries couldn’t enter because the Rebbe was busy learning.


I’ll give you an example. I remember how as a child we had a guest who was an architect from South Africa who designed malls. His plans were written on blueprints which covered a number of pages. He copied all the plans on to a small card and gave it to the Rebbe as a souvenir of his work.


The Rebbe looked at the card briefly and said, “You forgot the drainpipes!”


The architect left the Rebbe’s room and came to our house. I saw him looking white as a sheet and completely shaken up. He said, “The Rebbe saved me from a loss of millions of dollars. If I hadn’t put the drainpipes in this mall, I would have lost everything. I just don’t understand how the human eye could perceive that in mere seconds, from that little card, which is just a miniscule version of the plans!” He said he couldn’t believe it and that it had to be G-dly vision.


The Rebbe deals this way with every Jew. The Rebbe doesn’t look at a Jew’s outer covering; the Rebbe looks at every Jew’s neshama no matter where he’s holding. The Rebbe once put it thus: If you go outside and see a group of children who are hungry and thirsty, who haven’t eaten in a number of days, what would you do? Go to work? Would you remain apathetic? You would immediately bring out food and feed them! What Jewish heart wouldn’t melt at the sight of such children?!


So too with the Jews around us. We see Jews in the street who have no Torah and mitzvos, and the Rebbe sees their neshama, how they hunger and thirst for Yiddishkeit. That’s why he instituted shlichus.


* * *


I have an uncle who became a shliach in Australia in 1959. Australia in those days was a spiritual desert, and the shluchim who went there were going to a place of spiritual poverty.


On the way to Australia my uncle would carry out all sorts of tasks for the Rebbe in Far Eastern countries. Sometimes he would have to walk enormous distances on Shabbos. I remember how his tallis was completely blue from the tropical rains.


He once told the Rebbe that yes, he’s the Rebbe’s shliach in Australia, and he would do that forever, but he had no more strength for all those missions to the Far East. It was hard for him, for he encountered all sorts of obstacles.


So the Rebbe asked him, “If I go along with you, would that make it easier?”


My uncle answered, “Of course!”


Then the Rebbe said, “You should know that I accompany you on all your trips.” He left the Rebbe’s room and burst into tears. He began to feel how the Rebbe truly was with him in every difficult step of his shlichus. This really gives strength to the shluchim.



Rabbi Menachem Mendel Groner





The Rebbe picked up long letters with small script, and read it in seconds. I have no explanation for this, except that he has G-dly vision.



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