The Twin Towers, The Tragedy, & Geula

It happened suddenly. Two suicide planes deliberately crashed into the Twin Towers, completely destroying them. * What does this teach Chassidim who believe that everything has a connection to our avodas Hashem, particularly inyanei Geula? 10 lessons

By Menachem Ziegelboim


1) Anticipation


The world is ready for something new. Everybody thinks that life has changed and will never be the same again. "America of yesterday is not the America of tomorrow," wrote one journalist, and many commentators added that the anticipated change is not necessarily American but a worldwide change.


There is an anticipation for a new world order. Yes, the very world order that the Rebbe MH"M asked us to believe in and work towards.


2) The Suddenness


It all happened so suddenly. The American military didn’t have time to react. If somebody had told them the day before that Komikozies would take over American passenger planes, who would have believed it? If somebody would have said that the Twin Towers would no longer be standing by 10:30 the next morning, who would have believed him? If someone would have said a plane would deliberately crash into the Pentagon in the capitol of the United States, wouldn’t he have been laughed out of town? If someone would have said that the president of the greatest superpower in the world would have to flee for his life to an undisclosed destination, wouldn’t we have thought him crazy?


But it all happened. Much faster than anyone could have ever imagined.


This is the answer to those who say, "the immediate coming of Moshiach seems unrealistic"; "tomorrow morning Moshiach will rule the world"; tomorrow night we will be able to learn the first Torah teachings of Melech HaMoshiach."


Until now, people shook their heads at someone who said in perfect faith that "any minute now, Moshiach will be here." Yet events which were just as unimaginable happened. Suddenly.


3) Seeking a Leader


Now, while everything is in confusion, is the time to realize more than ever before, that there is no leader other than the Creator of the world, and that we need a human leader of the caliber of Moshiach.


How thrilling it was to read this thought in an article written by a senior journalist for Maariv, Mr. Shalom Yerushalmi. One would think he was a Chabadnik!


"After such a horror perpetrated by terrorists in the United States two days ago, nobody has a proper perspective. It will take days or weeks in order to see how the pieces are arranged on the new international chessboard...but what is already clear after this unimaginable attack is that the world needs a leader of great historic proportions to deal with the most serious crisis since the outbreak of World War II who will save us all from destruction.


"I refer to a leader or leaders who will change man’s thinking about terrorism, who will use all the free world’s resources to fight terrorist nations to the end, because they will arm themselves with nuclear weapons (ch’v).


"We need a historic leader who will lead us towards freedom, far from danger. A leader who will bang on the table in Moscow and stop the selling of information and nuclear weapons to Iran. Who will stop the selling of missiles from North Korea. Who will destroy the murderous empires of the Taliban and the Ayatollas. A leader who will build a large international western coalition, effective and united, because this war is complicated and far more important than the Gulf War.


"The world needs a leader who will know how to deal with the frightening economic ramifications of these events. Who will be able to bolster the belief of the American people in a power whose national symbols crumbled within hours. Who can overcome the results of the tremendous oversights and failure of their intelligence, which led to the success of this terrorist attack, and reestablish these sectors. A leader who is spiritually fortified to be able to deal with horrific dimensions of tragedy and loss, which America is experiencing for the first time.


"In short, a leader of humanity who will save humanity from itself, we have to pray and hope..."


Who said people don’t want Moshiach?


4) Asking for the Right Leader


Things are so much clearer when everybody knows there is no leader. The president of the greatest superpower in the world fled, hid, and was flown away. At least at first, he looked utterly shaken. When he recovered somewhat it was too late. Everybody saw he didn’t have what it takes. Another leader was needed.


Isn’t this the best time to approach a neighbor or relative, friend or acquaintance, or even a Jew on the street and say, "Such a complicated world can’t manage without a leader. Now you also realize that we need somebody else. Perhaps the time has come to ask for a real leader, Moshiach?"


5) "It Will Become Clarified and White..."


One doesn’t need to delve into it that deeply to understand the significance of what happened. The two sides of good and evil are so clear, freedom versus oppression, construction versus destruction. Good and evil have been clearly delineated as the prophet says will happen before Moshiach comes.


6) "Money Will be Lacking"


The newspapers had headlines like, "The terrorist attack has caused a recession which every American, and subsequently every person in the world, will feel." "The stock market is dropping."


Boeing fired 30,000 employees; airlines have fired tens of thousands of additional employees; consumer spending in New York is at its lowest ebb and is affecting the rest of the world. The stock markets in Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, and the entire world have gone down. Expert American economists say, "The last time such a drop occurred was 84 years ago."


Imagine what lies in store for those countries that are less financially stable... Yet another sign of Yemos HaMoshiach. "Ha’pruta techsar min ha’kis" (A coin will be lacking in one’s pocket).


7) Gog U’Magog?


No, this is not the war of Gog and Magog. The Rebbe said there would not be another war of Gog and Magog before Moshiach’s arrival, yet this is still a great war. Not about a particular piece of land, but about the whole world. What will rule the world, democracy and freedom (which the Rebbe so highly praised), or blood and terror?


The gloomy prophecies and the threatening scenarios which we always feared are happening. Here and now. A Jew who goes to work in Yerushalayim or even Manhattan, or anywhere else in the world, is no longer sure about his safety.


If only we were past this point already...


8) A Prophecy Comes True


These days, the words of the Zohar are being mentioned again and again. "After another twelve days, everybody will tremble and the sun will be dimmed at midday like the day was darkened on the day the Beis HaMikdash was destroyed, to the point that heavens and earth were invisible.


"One voice will be aroused in the thunder and lightning and the earth will tremble from this voice and a number of battalions will die of it.


"And on that day, in the great city of Rome there will awaken a great tongue of flame, when that voice will be heard around the world, and it will consume a number of towers and a number of palaces and many towers will fall. Many princes and ministers will fall on that day and all will gather on it, for evil and all peoples of the world will be unable to be saved...and the entire world will be in great confusion" (Zohar Parshas Teitzei).


There’s another Zohar:


"On that day three great walls will fall in that city of Rome, and the great palace will fall and then Melech HaMoshiach will be revealed throughout the world and he will be given the kingdom. When Moshiach is revealed, the peoples of the world will be in calamity after calamity, and enemies of Israel will be strong etc. (Zohar Parshas Balak).


9) The Newspapers Cry Out – Geula!


It’s hard to believe but even the religious newspapers are writing a lot about the tragedy from the Geula perspective. The headlines were large and stood out. Apparently it took a tragedy of this magnitude to get even the religious newspapers to talk about Moshiach. As the Rebbeim said, starting with the Alter Rebbe, when Moshiach comes they will write about it in the newspapers. Get ready! We’re in the middle of the process.


10) Midrash and Maaseh


Yalkut Shimoni (421): Rabbi Yishmael would say: Three wars of confusion will be waged by the Bnei Yishmael in the future at the end of days. One at sea and with drawn bow, one on dry land with drawn sword, and one on a great city which is worse than the other two, as it says, "and because of the severity of war" and from there Ben Dovid will sprout and will see the destruction of these and those, and from there he will come to Eretz Yisroel, as it says, "who is this who comes from Edom...why are your clothes red...for it is a day of vengeance in my heart... (Melachim remez 261).



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