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Moshiach Yom Yom: 28 - 4 Adar Rishon
Merkaz Shiurei Torah - Chabad

28 Shvat: Refined From Where They Are
…There is another difference between the birur (refinement and elevation of the G-dly sparks contained within the physical) in the time of King Shlomo and the birur that will be in the Future to Come: The G-dly sparks among the nations were refined as a result of coming to Shlomo. Before they arrived, however, they were not elevated. Although the revelation that came about through Shlomo also illuminated within the sparks in distant places, and drew them to come to him, nevertheless, their birur was accomplished only after they actually came to him. This point is understood from the fact that even after the Queen of Sh’va heard about Shlomo, she had to first travel to Yerushalayim before the birur [of her nation] could take place. Since their birur was not of their own volition, but as a result of the revelation which illuminated within them, their birur took place only when they came to the source of the revelation.

The birur of the Future to Come, however...“then I will transform the nations (as they are in their own state of being and in their own place), etc., to serve Him together.” (Seifer HaMaamarim meluket 6, p. 71)


29 Shvat: To Use The Very Essence Of The Mind
In our generation especially (the final generation of Exile and the first generation of Redemption), there is an extra emphasis on the Divine service of “go out from your land, etc., to the land that I will show you,” and acquiring all ten lands [promised to Avrohom]. Naturally, this must first and foremost be reflected in the Divine service of a Jew by increasing in Torah study, not only according to the capacity of one’s three intellectual faculties insofar as they affect the emotions, but to utilize the very essence of the mind. This is accomplished particularly through learning the inner dimension of the Torah (including the explanation of the very topic of serving Hashem through the intellect), including — in fact, especially — the topic of Redemption and Moshiach Tzidkeinu. (Sicha of Parshas Lech Lecha, 11 Cheshvan 5752)


30 Shvat, First day of Rosh Chodesh Adar I: publicizing the customs of a birthday
One of the reasons for publicizing the customs to be practiced on one’s birthday in our generation is in order to finish the final birurim in “permissible matters,” those activities that are neither commanded nor prohibited.

... the main thing is that the activities in matters pertaining to the birthdays of each individual Jew further hasten the complete “birth” of the Jewish people at large. Indeed, it is known that the Exile is compared to pregnancy and the Redemption to birth, “as in the days of your leaving Mitzrayim (and beyond that) I will show you wonders.” (Sicha of Acharon Shel Pesach 5748; edited)


1 Adar Rishon: Perfect Divine Service
…this is the perfection that man can reach through his efforts and through the reward that he is given in accordance with his efforts.

And throughout the duration of the Messianic era itself they will ascend through their efforts to the height of perfection, for which reason the Messianic era is the time of “today to do them.” In fact, the Messianic era is the principle expression and the ultimate perfection of “today to do them.” (Igros Kodesh vol. 2. #200)


2 Adar Rishon: Turn the World Upside Down Today!
Since that yesterday and the day before and two days before Yidden screamed “ad masai?!” (until when [will the Exile go on]?!)…and nevertheless, on this very day the Beis HaMikdash was destroyed, therefore, it is understood how great the scream “ad masai?!” is today.

And as it has been said, this is not a p’shetl (a whimsical interpretation), but a clearly stated halacha — that “if the Beis HaMikdash was not built in one’s time it is as if it had been destroyed [in his time]!

Consider this: When a Jew sees that the Beis HaMikdash is currently being destroyed and burned down, then, even if his heart is like a heart of stone, he would turn the world upside down…Indeed, the Torah tells him — the Torah of truth and the Torah of life — turn the world upside down today! (Sicha of 12 Tammuz 5747; unedited)


3 Adar Rishon: Doing Away With Baseless Hatred
The Divine service of ahavas Yisroel  is particularly relevant to these time, the “Heels of Moshiach.” It states in Tractate Yuma (9b) that the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash came as a result of baseless hatred, sinas chinam. Accordingly it is understood, that the type of Divine service particular to nullifying the reason for the Exile (for then the result [i.e., the Exile itself] will, in turn, be nullified) is that not the slightest trace of the concept of baseless hatred remain. This is the Divine service of ahavas Yisroel expressed as ahavas chinam, baseless or unqualified love. That is to say that doing away with the concept of baseless hatred brings about the concept of unqualified love — in a manner of “the advantage of light over darkness and the advantage of wisdom over folly.” (Sicha of 11 Nissan 5742; unedited)


4 Adar Rishon: Delicacies as Common as Dust
…The Rambam writes in the beginning of the halacha which reads, “in that time there will be neither…jealousy nor competitiveness…(since) all delicacies will be as common(place) as dust. For since that it will be revealed then that the true existential state of the earth is the “knowledge of Hashem,” it is, therefore, understood that there is no importance associated with delicacies.
(Hadran Al HaRambam, Sichos of 11 Nissan and Acharon Shel Pesach 5745; edited)




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