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Moshiach Yom Yom: 5-11 Adar Rishon
Merkaz Shiurei Torah - Chabad 


5 Adar Rishon: The Era Of The Resurrection Of The Dead
...and only after this, in the era of the Resurrection of the Dead, will Hashem eradicate the existence of evil in the world, as it says, “I will remove the spirit of impurity from the earth.” It is regarding this era that the Sages say “mitzvos will be nullified in the Future to Come” (Nida 61b).
(Sicha second day Shavuos 5751, edited)


6 Adar Rishon: unity
The month of Adar Rishon is the introduction and preparation for the month of Redemption, which is Nissan… We know that the first of the month – “the first of Adar” – is the head that includes the entire month, for that is when we pray, “renew for us this month, etc.” Therefore, on the first of Adar, the Beis Din would announce the general service of the month [as described in beginning of Meseches Sh’kalim], which is a preparation for the Redemption.

…Concerning the sh’kalim, all the Jewish people are equal [in that they all give the same amount] — “the rich may not give more, nor may the poor give less” — and united, in an equal partnership, to offer a sacrifice to Hashem; they are united in a single group to do the will of their Father in Heaven. This unity serves to correct the reason for this exile, unwarranted hatred. (Igros Kodesh, Vol. 1, letter #138)


7 Adar Rishon: Moshiach as Shaliach
Moshiach contains within himself (also) the role of shaliach, which expresses the unification of two elements: 1) An existence unto himself, so to speak. For [Moshiach is] a soul in a body of flesh and blood, as the Rambam writes, “Moshiach is a king of the House of Dovid, who is constantly engaged in Torah study and involved in mitzvos, like Dovid his father, etc.” The statement, “And he will fight the wars of Hashem,” proves that Moshiach exists in a world with opponents, for which reason he must wage war, and he will be victorious. At the same time, he is 2) an emissary of Supernal Man, and an emissary is like the sender.

In order [for Moshiach] to accomplish the unification of the soul and body of every Jew (through “compelling all Yisroel to go in it [the ways of Torah] and fortifying its breaches”), and also to unify spirituality and physicality in the world, he must have within him both elements as well as their unification as one. (Parshas Chayei Sara, 25 Cheshvan, Mevarchim HaChodesh Kislev, 5752)


8 Adar Rishon: every child should cry out that he wants Moshiach
A person must know that since [bringing Moshiach] is the mission of the leader of our generation, it pertains to the children of this generation! If one would only not be put off right away, but meditate on it, he would see that this is the ruling of the Rambam, and even before him, Shlomo HaMelech… Therefore, he should explain the topic of Moshiach to all children, to Americans, to the French, to the English, and speak to each child in his own way.

If a person does not do so, he is betraying his shlichus in the matter of education… Since this is the shlichus of the leader of our generation, he must go out and make sure that every child of the generation fulfills Torah and mitzvos and cries out that he wants Moshiach! (Sicha Truma 5741, unedited)


9 Adar Rishon: two eras of the world to come
In the Future to Come, there will be the revelation of the ohr Ein Sof (infinite G-dly light) that was revealed even before the tzimtzum, and the revelation of helem ha’atzmi (essential concealment, which is higher than the level of ohr Ein Sof before the tzimtzum). But the Future to Come will be comprised of two periods.

The above explanation helps resolve conflicting Midrashos on the topic of the Future to Come. One states, “In the future, Hashem will make a feast for the tzaddikim,” whereas another states, “in the World to Come there will be no eating nor drinking.” The explanation is that these two statements refer to different eras. At first, there will be a revelation of taanug ha’murgash (sensory pleasure, described as a meal), which is a revelation of the infinite light that also illuminated in an earlier period. After that, there will be a revelation of taanug ha’bilti murgash (non-sensory pleasure), with the revelation of the essential concealment. (Seifer HaMaamarim Meluket 2, p. 73)


10 Adar Rishon: Saying Tachanun
Since we are currently in the month of Tishrei, which is full of holidays, we do not say Tachanun throughout most of the month, even in those days when we would otherwise say it. Although there are days when one must say Tachanun, that was so in previous years.

Today, however, after the year of Hakhel (5748), and the year of “Tashmeit Yadecha (5749), and the “Year of Miracles” (5750), and “I Will Show Them Wonders” (5751), and we have already begun the year of “Wonders in Everything” (5752), we immediately merit to be in the situation when we will not need to say Tachanun also during these days. (Sichos VaYeilech, Shabbos Shuva, 6 Tishrei 5752, unedited)


11 Adar Rishon: Simcha In Tefilla
Regarding the prayer for the true and complete Redemption (especially after all deadlines have already been reached, and all aspects of avoda have been completed, as the Rebbe, my father-in-law, leader of the generation, said): Together with longing for the Redemption, there must now be joy over the fact that the Redemption is actually coming now.
(Sicha Thursday Parshas B’Shalach, 11 Shvat and Parshas B’Shalach, Shabbos Shira, 13 Shvat, 5752, edited)




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