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Moshiach Yom Yom: 12-18 Adar Rishon
Merkaz Shiurei Torah - Chabad 


12 Adar Rishon: When One Cannot Fathom How He Can Possibly Be Redeemed
When Jews observe Torah and mitzvos in the time of Exile, but when the state of the Exile is such that one openly feels the keitz, the Redemption, when one knows and comprehends the keitz, feeling, “enough of Exile,” wanting the redemption, wanting to leave Exile  — even this situation cannot be described as a Jew’s complete “va’yechi,” [that is, when a Jew is truly alive].

But when the servitude and tribulations of Exile are so great that human intellect doesn’t begin to fathom how one can possibly be redeemed – “nistam ha’keitz” (the keitz is concealed) — yet one fully believes that the Redemption will come, to the point of, “I await him every day that he will come,” when under these trying circumstances of Exile a person learns Torah and fulfills mitzvos, it is clear proof that Torah and mitzvos are a Jew’s true life-energy. That is why the years Yaakov lived in Mitzrayim are described as “va’yechi” (and as it states, “he is alive,” because “his children are alive”).

(Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 15; Parshas VaYechi, sicha 1)


13 Adar Rishon: All That Is Need Now Is To Open Our Eyes and Ears
What is needed now is only for people to open their “heart to know,” and their “eyes to see,” and their “ears to hear.” Accordingly, one should use all 248 physical organs and 365 physical sinews — in addition to studying Torah and fulfilling mitzvos (the 248 positive mitzvos corresponding to the 248 organs and the 365 negative mitzvos corresponding to the 365 sinews) — to study the inner dimension of the Torah, as it was revealed through Toras ha’Chassidus, and to fulfill the directives of the Rebbeim, including the study of the topic of Redemption.

(Sichos Shabbos Parshas VaYeitzei, 9 Kislev 5752)


14 Adar Rishon: Moshiach In The Literal Sense
The Tzemach Tzedek’s son (later to be the Rebbe Maharash) once asked his father about the keitz ascribed to the year 5608 (1848) and why Moshiach had not come then. The Tzemach Tzedek replied that the Likkutei Torah had been printed that year.

The Rebbe Maharash protested, “But we need Moshiach below ten handbreadths!” [i.e., we need Moshiach to be manifest in an overt and tangible way].

The Rebbe explained that the Tzemach Tzedek was also aware of the need for Moshiach in the literal sense; he simply wanted to hear this lack vocalized by someone not yet on the level of nasi, but still on the level of mekabel.

(Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 14; pg. 429)


15 Adar Rishon: Even Inanimate Matter Will Be Full With Knowledge of G-d
The prophet adds that “the wolf shall lie with the lamb...” to indicate that Moshiach will bring about a revelation of G-dliness in the entire world. It will not be just on the level of human beings, but will even affect animals and inanimate objects. As the verse says, “for the earth will be full of knowledge of Hashem.”  That is, even the physical earth (inanimate) will be “full of knowledge of Hashem.”

(Seifer HaMaamarim Meluket 2, p. 45)


16 Adar Rishon: The Eternal Temple Built With Iron
The saying, “The Torah does not mention iron with regard to the building of neither the Mishkan nor the Mikdash,” is in reference to the first and second Temples, which were destroyed by iron implements. Regarding the future Mikdash, however, an eternal Temple that is not subject to destruction, there is no worry of the negative use of iron. Thus, it is possible and necessary for it to be built with iron. For this emphasizes the elevation and perfection of the transformation of the iron that destroyed the Beis HaMikdash to the iron that will become a part of the structure of the Beis HaMikdash.

There is a pasuk in Divrei HaYamim (regarding Dovid’s efforts in preparing the materials needed for the building of the Beis HaMikdash), “I prepared for my G-d’s home the gold for the gold, the silver for the silver, the copper for the copper, and the iron for the iron, etc.” “And iron – one hundred thousand talents” — this phrase alludes to the perfection of the future Mikdash to be built by Dovid Malka Meshicha, whose structure will consist of (not just gold, silver, and copper, but) iron, as well.

(Sichos VaYechi, 10 Teives, 14 Teives 5752)


17 Adar Rishon: A Stone From The Wall Will Cry Out
Even for the gentiles, “The sole occupation of the entire world will be to know Hashem.” “And the kingship will be to Hashem.” Similarly, this applies to all the world’s domains – inanimate, vegetation, and animal. The koach ha’poel b’nifal (the energy of the Creator invested into His creation) will be revealed to the point that “a stone from the wall will cry out.” So too, regarding the fig (vegetation). So too, regarding animal life. And all the more so, human beings — “And each created being will know that You created it, and each formed being will understand that you formed it, and all who have breath in their nostrils will say...,” for the world will be a dwelling place for Hashem. The worlds of Bria, Yetzira, and Asiya will have the revelation of the world of Atzilus — meaning near, close to the essence of the Source of Emanation, blessed be He.

(Sichos Shabbos Parshas Lech Lecha, 11 Cheshvan, 5752)


18 Adar Rishon: Yearning for Moshiach
We should arouse the yearning and pining [for Moshiach], to the point of experiencing joy from the knowledge that we will immediately enter Eretz Yisroel and eat from its fruits and be sated with its goodness, and we will fulfill the mitzvos connected with this in the most perfect way...

(Sichos VaYeilech, Shabbos Shuva, 6 Tishrei 5752)





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