Mostly Moshiach
By Zushe Kohn

Crown Heights and the Ultimate Mission. * Lets go on a little tour...

In the early years of the Rebbe’s leadership, he once told the story of two Jews who were on the subway train when it made its routine stop at Kingston Avenue and Eastern Parkway. One of the Jews remarked, "This is where the Lubavitchers live."

"What are Lubavitchers?" the other man asked.

"The people who believe in Moshiach!" replied the first.

If in the early years Lubavitchers believed in Moshiach, today they live it! Ever since the Rebbe issued his clarion call in late `91 for Chassidim to prepare themselves and the world to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu, Crown Heights, capital of Lubavitch, has been spinning in a whirlwind of Moshiach activity. From the billowing flags atop the buildings, to the pocket-sized brochures in 770’s basement, Crown Heights is a place where Moshiach is real.

Lets go on a little tour:

We make our way down the streets of Crown Heights, and are greeted by the Rebbe’s eminent smile, beaming down at us from the "Welcome Moshiach" signs decorating the houses. The cars too, proudly display the message of Redemption, through a colorful assortment of Moshiach bumper stickers. And where there are no cars or houses, there walk people, lively Chassidim on whose yarmulkes is painted the same important message.

Our first stop - how not? - is "770," the shul-yeshiva-headquarters-auditorium-etc., referred to by the Rebbe on more than one occasion as "Beis Moshiach." Upon entering its spacious interior, we are met by a setting that is appropriate indeed, for the sanctuary of Moshiach. There are many things to distinguish 770 from other synagogues and study halls, but we’ll focus our attention on its Rebbe/Moshiach representations. First, there are the ‘Signs of Moshiach’, fixed to the wall, high overhead (yet undeniably noticeable), to inform the newcomer and remind the veteran of some basic aspects of the Moshiach campaign. Then there are the platforms, one for the Rebbe to address the throngs of people who gather to hear him articulate the ‘Word of the Living G-d’ (i.e., Chassidus), and another for him at which to pray - and always, of course, the majestic mahogany chair, with the deeply red velvet, for the Rebbe to sit on. Perched high on the Western Wall is the royal balcony, from which issued forth the Rebbe’s vigorous encouragement of "Yechi Adoneinu..."

Under the balcony stands the ‘Moshiach & Geulah Library,’ an extensive bookcase, lined with an impressive array of Hebrew and English Moshiach books. It’s mostly from this library where the many Moshiach shiurim that take place in 770 throughout the day are borrowed.

There are many more Moshiach aspects to 770, but the tour-guide is impatient, so we must move on.

Our next stop is the bookstore, an indispensable place if one is to acquire knowledge. Of the oceans of ink that have been spilled on the subject of Moshiach - in almost every conceivable language - many a tidal-wave has splashed its way into the city of Crown Heights. Whether you’re a curious skeptic or a die-hard believer, you’re sure to find material on Moshiach that will quench your thirst to know. (Not really, because ironically, the more you drink of these waters the thirstier you become.) As we browse through the bookshelves, we come across such titles as, "Moshiach," "Awaiting Moshiach," "The Age of Moshiach," "To Live and Live Again," and "The Holy Temple," to name but a few of the fine works in English. From the Temple’s reconstruction to the awesome Era of Resurrection, not a stone is left unturned.

And for the children there is "To Await Moshiach" (by yours truly), "What Will the World Be Like," "The Best Call of All," and more. Parenthetically, to those of you out there who are of generous spirit and skilled in the art of the pen (or is it the keyboard?), the demand for more children’s books on this subject is greater than the supply.

Also available at the bookstore, and in many other stores around Crown Heights and around the world, is, of course, Beis Moshiach Magazine, the weekly publication dedicated to bringing the Rebbe’s message of Redemption to the four corners of the Earth. Filled with insights and essays, stories and sichos, it delivers, on a silver platter and in two languages, a foretaste of what is yet to come.

But how can we talk about Moshiach without mentioning the Internet? Websites like,,,,, my own, and many more, bring the Redemption directly to your home or office. As for virtual reality, there’s the fascinating, new video, "A Deeper Reality." The only thing left for Moshiach to do, is to remove the "virtual."

But Moshiach is not just for the eyes. The ears too must play their role in welcoming the most awaited person ever to walk the face of this Earth. So G-d sent Moishe (Ezaguie), to take the Jews out of Galus through the medium of "Radio Moshiach and Geula," 1620-30 on your AM dial (or online at This unique station airs 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, and can even be heard in Boro Park.

There is much discussion among classic Torah commentators regarding the manner in which Moshiach is to make his appearance. Every Motzoei Shabbos though, at 10:00 pm and then again at 2:00 am, he is in the air, with Rabbi Shmuel Butman’s "Moshiach in the Air," 570 on your AM dial.

The most significant development of the Moshiach campaign, perhaps, are the many study-sessions that have been established throughout Crown Heights, and indeed the entire world.

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From the billowing flags atop the buildings, to the pocket-sized brochures in 770’s basement, Crown Heights is a place where Moshiach is real.


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