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Machon Chana In The Mountains

Situated in the scenic Cortina Valley Ski Lodge, ¾ of a mile from Tannersville, NY, Machon Chana will begin its fourth season on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz. As in the past, the program will cater to college students as well as women of all ages and levels of commitment and knowledge.

Each morning five simultaneous classes take place: beginners and advanced levels for students, an advanced level for women who are Tannersville residents (most of them alumnae of Machon Chana), classes for men and classes for teenagers.

Resident staff include Rabbi Eli and Chana Silberstien of Ithaca NY, Rabbi Dov Wagner, Rabbi and Mrs. Trachtenberg and three madrichot.

The Summer Kollel, which is becoming increasingly more popular, is the perfect summer vacation for a family growing in their Yiddishkeit or just wishing to spend their summer in further study or spiritual growth. The family can rent a normal house in a scenic area, attend highly motivating, skill-oriented classes daily for both men and women, while the kids attend the highly professional local day camp with 2 pools, trips, beautiful modern facilities, shiurim, color war - the works. A perfect Chassidishe boost.

The Teen program, a highly successful 2-week program, called for an encore. Geared to teenagers seeking answers to issues not addressed in school in addition to having a great time, this program offers Chassidic fun at its best. With exciting trips each afternoon, mornings are spent studying Chassidus with a new lens, discussions on contemporary issues and halachic questions, and writing workshops. Evenings are spent playing thinking games, rap sessions and doing projects. Run by Chana Gellman, Rabbi & Mrs. Adelman, Chabad Shluchim in Amhert, Mass. act as parents and mentors. The program will run July 6-25.

Married couples program: August will be geared to married couples. The weekend of August 5, Shabbos Chazon, will be geared to couples new in their Yiddishkeit that wish to grow, entitled  “A Vision” and will focus on relationships and children; while the Shabbos Nachamu weekend and the week following it will be chinuch week for baalei t’shuva families.

For further information or to enroll call 718-735-0030 or e-mail Machonc@aol.com.



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