An Easy Delivery
By Dovi Scheiner

A married woman secludes herself with another man, yet denies there was any impropriety.

The woman is brought before the Kohen, who prepares for her a cup of sacred waters capable of assessing her guilt or innocence. If the woman is guilty, the sacred waters will take her life, "causing her stomach to distend and her thigh to collapse." If the woman is innocent, however, the waters bring great blessing. The woman gives birth to a fair-skinned child, the delivery process painless!

The blessings awarded a guiltless woman are precise. Once confronted with the prospect of an unusually painful death, she now produces new life painlessly. Once faced with the threat of an exploding stomach, her features blackening in agony, the woman now welcomes the arrival of a fair-skinned baby!

In the cosmic union between G-d Alm-ghty and the Jewish nation, G-d is the husband and the Jewish people His wife. Great temptation tests our relationship with our Heavenly husband, so Hashem implores us to maintain our loyalty, urging us to refrain from alternative forms of worship.

All the same, at times we may fail, isolating ourselves from Hashem, entering into seclusion with our evil inclination. Such senseless promiscuity wounds our spiritual identity and leaves us feeling empty! Growing conscious of our descent, we rush to repent. Ultimately, our expressions of remorse and apology are accepted, the damage caused through our sins corrected.

Once the suspected spouse of the Alm-ghty, and now considered innocent through atonement, the Jewish people are worthy of blessing.

And soon we will be blessed with the greatest of all blessings. Darkness will give way to light and pain will give way to pleasure, as our bitter exile gives way to the sweet promise of the birth of the Era of Redemption!

(Adapted from Likkutei Sichos vol. 28, Nasso.)

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