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 Why The Lubavitcher Rebbe Appeared In My Dream

On Sunday evening, 17 Teives, I received a fax from a close relative of mine who lives in Boro Park. It was a copy of an e-mail he had received the night before from his brother Yankel [a pseudonym] who lives in Eretz Yisroel.

Yankel writes in the e-mail that his birthday “remains unknown.” Their  father maintains that it is 30 Nissan, but:

In my birth certificate, it is written that my birthday is April 28, 1949, 4:45 am. In the Luach T`midi for April 28, 1949, the corresponding Hebrew date is 29 Nissan. This discrepancy has always bothered me. On the one hand a father is believed to say who his child is, and who the b’chor is (Bava Basra 134a.) On the other hand, although it was probably a Gentile who wrote the birth certificate, they are usually quite accurate in their recordings. (See Tshuvos Etzei Chaim in his Aguna Responsa.)

This week it started to interest me again, corollary to my research on Lunar months. Well, this morning the Lubavitcher Rebbe appeared in my dream. He was discussing Torah with someone (not me), and he remarked, “Du meinst de Gemara in Kesubos Tzadik-Dalet omud Beis” [You mean the Gemara in Kesubos 94b]. At this point, “Vayikatz Yankel vehinei chalom.” After Birkas Hatorah, we (Chanah, Shmuly and Dovid [i.e., his wife and kids; also pseudonyms]) checked the Gemara and found the amazing solution!!! [On the last line of that page it says, “Bar Chaf-Tes Nissan at,” which literally translated means, ‘You are a child of the 29th of Nissan’!]

Have a Gutten voch,


P.S. My children wanted to know why it was the Lubavitcher Rebbe who appeared in the dream as opposed to, say, the Klausenberger Rebbe, who had much more connection to us? My response was that only according to the Lubavitcher Rebbe is there a difference today as to when exactly my birthday is. The Lubavitchers celebrate birthdays, so according to them it is incumbent upon me to know exactly which day my birthday is.

Submitted by Rabbi Zushe Kohn, Crown Heights



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