...As Jewish Blood Spills Like Water!
By Shai Gefen
Those who depend on more pragmatic leaders to replace Arafat in order to do the dirty work for us are putting us in a death trap once again. For years the Left tried to sell us on the idea that Arafat would do the work, but we all see the results.
Please donít repeat it!

Silence Equals Complicity

The big question today is where are the rabbanim and askanim who should be shaking heavens and earth about the pikuach nefashos of the entire Jewish nation. The Arabs have intensified their terrorist acts, yet the rabbanim are silent. They should be quoting the Shulchan Aruch, which says, "Go out against them with weapons...lest the land be open before them...," a very practical halacha for our times.

44 Jews were murdered in the last two weeks; 44 Jews were sacrificed with cruel and unusual deaths. There are hundreds of wounded children and women, yet there is apathy as though nothing is going on.

When Chazal talk about one of the key factors which led to the churban, they say, "The rabbanim were quiet; from this could be inferred that they agreed," and the Rebbe MH"M adds some very serious remarks about rabbanim who keep quiet and donít publicize the psak halacha on this topic from Shulchan Aruch, siman 329.

Regarding piskei din that are not publicized, the Rebbe once told a story about the Rogatchover Gaon, a resident of Leningrad. The tax authorities sent him a notice stating that he owed two types of taxes. The gaon examined the documents and quickly concluded that al pi din Torah he only had to pay the first tax. Indeed, the next day he received a notice that there had been an error and he only had to pay the first tax.

The Rebbe concludes that the psak din of a rav, which is made according to Torah, affects the world.

If this is so for the Bolsheviks, all the more in our times. The Rebbe concludes that rabbanim who wonít let their voices be heard (or who say the psak din in the privacy of their room), are, ríl, responsible for the continued danger to Jewish life. "When a rav declares a halacha, he changes the very nature of the world. Those who are quiet and donít want to get involved must know that silence wonít help. Silence will increase the danger, ríl..." (sicha Motzaei Shabbos BíReishis 5740).


The terrorist attack in Emanuel raised the painful question believing Jews must ask: Why did Hashem do this to a yishuv like Emanuel, a yishuv based on a life of observance of Torah and mitzvos?

Let it be stated clearly: There is no difference in blood between the blood of an observant Jew and the blood of one who is not observant. Pikuach nefashos applies to every Jew.

For a year and three months the country has been shaking. Nearly 250 Jews have been murdered, thousands wounded, families shattered, yet those who represent the chareidi tzibbur are quiet. The chairman of the financial committee is busy saving the yeshivosí budgets. He wages a war of attrition against the treasury. In the meantime, the ministers fight over a rotation system to see who gets the right to okay a peace agreement.

The national order of the day of the chareidi representatives in the Knesset is the budget. The representatives threaten to leave the government if, chalila, they tamper with the law pertaining to large families. We certainly donít disdain this important law, but apparently the lives of Jews is not an interest of this group, which busies itself solely with money. Scandalous!

We can never know the reason for such a terrible tragedy, but perhaps the attack on Emanuel can be a signal to those who supposedly represent the chareidi populace. Palestinian terror doesnít differentiate between blood. If you donít stop terrorism and donít act according to Shulchan Aruch, the terror could reach (may it not happen!) Beitar Ilit, Kiryat Sefer, Elad, Bnei Brak, Lud, Shuafat, Kfar Chabad, etc. This is what the Rebbe said.

In one of his sichos, the Rebbe enumerates some of the cities that would be attacked if they donít do what halacha says. Nobody is immune.

Now we need to make a cheshbon haínefesh: When the Rebbe fought so there would not be a Peres government (we see how dangerous Peres is, how even when everything collapses around him, he continues to live in his nightmarish fantasy world), there were rabbanim who said they donít understand security matters, but apartments for young marrieds, they said, that was in the category of pikuach nefesh... Now all those rabbanim standing on the sidelines who didnít lift a finger to stop the downward security spiral and were willing to concede everything in exchange for apartments for young marrieds, have to make a cheshbon haínefesh.

Perhaps they did solve some yeshiva budget problems, but this money is saturated with Jewish blood. The Rebbe said: "Not only can you not build yeshivos and educate children to yiras Shamayim with this money, but the Gemara says that even a bathroom canít be built with this money" (Sicha Dívarim 5739). But these rabbanim didnít solve the pikuach nefesh problem hovering over the heads of five million Jews living in Eretz Yisroel Ė including their own heads.

Weíve all seen the headlines this past month about the chareidi Knesset members waging a bitter war in the finance committee for money for yeshivos. Itís worth thinking again about what the Rebbe said about those askanim, for whom the security issue doesnít even come into the picture. Apparently even when the land is burning, what interests them is obtaining more funding...


Beilin is the only politician continuing to agitate for the Oslo Accords. He still thinks Arafat is the partner to talk to. For eight years this man has succeeded in leading the entire country into the abyss, bringing tragedy upon us. In front of the whole world stands this hallucinatory battling on behalf of Arafat, even when it sounds and looks ludicrous.

We canít expect to see the day Beilin admits his mistake. As soon as he says he erred, he simultaneously concedes to the tragedy we are living. The same is true for Peres. Only a few years ago, the two of them competed over who was going to get the credit for Oslo. Each of them published books giving the credit to themselves.

As always, Beilin continues to do everything behind our backs to destroy whatever remains to be destroyed. He doesnít mind being the fifth column of the Palestinians and the terrorists. Itís quite possible that the anti-Israeli and anti-Sharon sentiments in Europe emanate from BeilinÖ at least footprints seem to lead to him ...

In any case, two things that Beilin said last week caught my eye. In those ideas he is right. The visionary said: "The concept of Ďa strong Palestinian policeí was learned from Begin at Camp David. I donít think Begin was at fault. Begin was right. Today too, if there were an agreement between the government of the Right led by Sharon and the P.A., the last thing Sharon would consider would be taking weapons away from the P.A. and preventing it from being able to carry out this agreement."

Unfortunately, Beilin is right. The seed of this tragedy began with the unfortunate Camp David agreement that Begin signed. Even then, not everyone on the Right realized what a tragedy it was, and some even openly supported the agreement. They didnít understand why the Lubavitcher Rebbe was stubbornly opposed to it. But the leader of the generation warned what would happen to us and where things would lead. With his ruach haíkodesh, he saw the seed of tragedy planted and what would grow from it. Whatever we have today was planted back then Ė those seeds have grown into rotten fruits.

Take notice of the tagline: "Sharon wouldnít collect the weapons from the Palestinians." Heís right. Thatís precisely our problem. Nobody is talking about collecting weapons from the P.A. There are huge stockpiles of ammunition and weapons in the P.A. and we all know about it, but we do nothing. They prefer the strategy they call "focused prevention" Ė not to make light of that, but itís not going to bring any real change in the region.


Everyone speaks about getting rid of Arafat, about the teetering P.A. and a change of leadership. The leadership on the Right speaks about the young Palestinian leadership that will replace Arafat so that we can have someone with whom to talk. The question is: what is there to talk about? About the establishment of a Palestinian state? About continuing to fortify a strong Palestinian police?

Even those who talk about getting rid of Arafat arenít focused on the right point: annulling all agreements! Nullification would mean that Israel is the one who rules the region, notwithstanding Leftist screams about ruling over a foreign nation. Nullifying agreements means collecting all weapons from the P.A. and going back to the way it used to be. All those who rely on "more pragmatic leaders" to replace Arafat in order to do the dirty work for us are putting us in the same death trap. For years the Left tried to sell us on the idea that Arafat would do the work, but we all see the results. Please, donít repeat it!

Only standing strong and proudly on behalf of absolute Jewish sovereignty with no autonomy whatsoever will bring peace and quiet.


One of the factions comprising the Ichud Leumi is Tekuma, which has two Knesset members. Both new Knesset Member Uri Ariel and Tzvi Hendel have come to the realization that in the present situation they have no reason to remain in Sharonís government. On Motzaei Shabbos they decided to leave the government, an obvious decision in line with a party that presented a clear platform.

What is still not clear is whether the entire Ichud Leumi will leave or not; but we are here to strengthen and support Uri Ariel and Tzvi Hendel in their decision, and call upon them not to continue to be part of a government responsible for terrible bloodshed. Ariel said there are two possibilities: Either Arafat will fall or Sharon will fall. If Arafat wonít fall, Sharon will. The Yesha Council is preparing for a giant demonstration in Kikar Rabin against the governmentís policies, and they will call for an end to the Sharon government.

* * *


Immediately after the attack in Emanuel in which ten Jews were murdered and dozens more injured, Rabbi Gutnick wrote a letter to two of the leaders of the Ichud Leumi, Minister Benny Elon and Knesset member Tzvi Hendel, asking them to leave the government immediately.

In a conversation with Beis Moshiach, Rí Gutnick said that the Ichud Leumi party could not possibly remain in the Sharon government when this government continues to announce that it will not dismantle the P.A., and while it still will not do everything it can to bring security to the Jews of Eretz Yisroel. Rí Gutnick said that he plans to intensify his work in the struggle on behalf of Israelís security and proudly convey the Rebbeís message: Only by standing strong without compromise and without talking about giving up land can we ensure security.

The following are excerpts from Rí Gutnickís letter:

"The Jewish nation and the entire world sees the horrific scenes taking place in the Holy Land. Since youíve taken part in Sharonís government, there have been more attacks and murders of Jews. Over 150 Jews (may Hashem avenge their blood) were murdered by the Palestinian enemy who is backed by Arafat; thousands of Jews have been wounded. Talk concerning a Palestinian state has become official by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. Never before has there been a Foreign Minister announcing from the U.N. that the majority of Israelis are in favor of a Palestinian state. Mr. Sharon himself clearly stated that he is working towards a Palestinian state.

If that werenít enough, even after the terrible attacks that took place recently in Yerushalayim, Chaifa, and Emanuel, when dozens of Jews were murdered and hundreds were wounded in one day, and the entire world, including the U.S. and the European Union, gave you the green light and sanctioned getting rid of Arafat, the Israeli government still looks at him as a partner and takes no serious action to wipe out terrorism.

Exactly two weeks ago Rechavam Zeíevi left the government following talk about a Palestinian state and because of the security situation. Even before [Zeíevi] did so, Mr. Benny Elon resigned from the leadership of the Ichud HaLeumi and from the coalition board. We all understood that the Prime Minister was going to, ríl, establish a Palestinian state. Then, suddenly after Zeíevi was assassinated, you went back to the government despite the fact that no real change had taken place in the government.

In such a situation, when the entire Jewish nation is, ríl, in great danger, and when the Lubavitcher Rebbe says that every discussion about giving away more land and the establishment of a Palestinian state poses a danger to five million people, there is no reason for you to stay in a government whose plans are known. It canít be that representatives chosen by those loyal to Eretz Yisroel should lend a hand, even in a roundabout manner, to the horrors being perpetrated in Eretz Yisroel because of the governmentís confused policies. And there is also the freezing of construction in large parts of Yesha...

Mr. Benny Elon, you are presently in the U.S. in order to ask Jews to make aliya to Eretz Yisroel. Instead of working on getting Jews to go to Eretz Yisroel, you should be worrying about the security and peace of those living there right now, and not be a partner, ríl, to what the government is doing.

I call on you on behalf of tens of thousands of chassidei Chabad who supported you to immediately leave the government so as not to be accomplices, ríl, to those things taking place in the government. I have no doubt that your influence from outside the government will be far more effective than being within it.


There is no difference in blood between the blood of an observant Jew and the blood of one who is not observant. Pikuach nefashos applies to every Jew.



Palestinian terror doesnít differentiate between blood. If you donít stop terrorism and donít act according to Shulchan Aruch, the terror could reach


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