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Moshiach Yom Yom: 26 Adar Rishon - 2 Adar Sheini
Merkaz Shiurei Torah - Chabad 


26 Adar Rishon: The world is ready to accept the fact that Yaakov Avinu did not die
It is conceivable that somebody could pass this off as wild talk, words that have never been spoken since time immemorial. Why are these matters been mentioned all of a sudden? How will the world react when they hear these things?

Thus, one must know, first and foremost, that there is no reason to be affected by the world, no need to worry about what they will say, etc. In fact, since this is the truth according to the Torah of Truth, it should be publicized in an open manner.

Moreover, the situation today is such that the world is ready to accept it; one must simply speak in a forthright manner.

Therefore, when one hears the claim in the world that “they eulogized and embalmed [him],” one must state explicitly the reality according to Torah. And there is no reason to fear the reaction, etc., for the world is ready to accept it.

(Sicha Parshas VaYigash 5747; unedited)


27 Adar Rishon: The Special Quality of The 27th of the Month
The significance of the 27th day is expressed by the letters of the word “zach” [purity, whose numerical equivalent is 27], which includes the concepts of purifying, cleansing, and refining, as it says in reference to the Redemption, “Many will be purified, cleansed, and refined” (Daniel 12:10). The process of purifying and refining is perfected when the intent behind the tzimtzum and concealment inherent in the name Elokim is revealed.

 To elaborate further: The 27th (zach) follows the 26th, which is the numerical of equivalent of Hashem’s name Havayeh. That is, the order of Divine service is that first one must bring about the revelation of the name Havayeh (tzimtzum for the sake of revelation), and then one must reveal the purpose of the tzimtzum and concealment of the name Elokim.

(Sichos VaYakhel-Pikudei, HaChodesh, Mevarchim Nissan, 5750, edited)


28 Adar Rishon: Until he cries out “Moshiach Now,” as well
How can one relax when the true and complete Redemption has not yet come?! ...How is it possible that one holds himself back from shaking up the world with the cry “Moshiach Now”?! ...During davening, Krias Shma Al HaMita, etc., one must cry out “Shma Yisroel,” but the rest of the time one must cry out “Moshiach Now”!

…This behavior must also be expressed when speaking with others. First and foremost one must cry out “Moshiach Now”! ...crying out to such an extent that also the other person begins to cry out “Moshiach Now”!

(Sicha Parshas Tzav, Shabbos HaGadol 5745; unedited)


29 Adar Rishon: Will There Still Be Evil In The Messianic Era?
Even in the Messianic Era, when the Divine service of the Jewish people of sifting out good from evil will have been completed, and they will achieve the perfection that existed before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, evil will still exist in the world. Therefore, there will still be a need for cities of refuge to negate the possibility of any undesirable circumstance resulting from the existence of evil in the world (as it was before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, when there was the possibility for the concept of sin [despite the fact that evil was completely separate from good] in virtue of the [very] existence of evil in the world).

(Sicha 2nd day Shavuos 5751; edited)


30 Adar Rishon: Listen up, Yidden need Moshiach
The truth of the matter is that the opposite is correct: A downright normal individual, dressed conventionally and speaking soundly, suddenly begins to scream “Moshiach Now!”— it is specifically behavior such as this that awakens and inspires the other person’s inner spirit. For the fact is that his soul also screams out “Moshiach Now!”...

By approaching another with perfect manners, you will not be able to remove even the dust and mud that covers the outer klipa. However, if you approach him and scream, “Moshiach Now! Listen up, Yidden need Moshiach” — by doing so his outer klipa will be removed, revealing the inner dimension of his soul!

The main point is that there is no need for proof and evidence; rather, “Taste and see...” Let everyone try this approach and see the outcome for themselves! And as a result of this approach the concept of [the cry of] “Moshiach Now” will be understood — that specifically by screaming “Moshiach Now!” you will arouse and have an impact on another.

(From the sichos of Shabbos Parshas Tzav, Shabbos HaGadol 5745; unedited)


1 Adar Sheini: To Strengthen The Spirit Of The Jewish People
One should encourage and strengthen the spirit of the Jewish people by means of the proclamation the Holy One, blessed be He, says every day in a manner of actual renewal: “Pakod pakadeti eschem” (I have remembered you), and, Moshiach Tzidkeinu “stands behind our wall,’ and, “behold, this [Moshiach] comes.”

We should aim to greet him by adding in the fulfillment of Torah and mitzvos, in accordance with the ruling of the Rambam (whose yahrtzeit is this Motzaei Shabbos, Chaf Teives), that in virtue of “one mitzva a person inclines himself and the entire world to the side of merit, and brings to himself and to [the people of the world] salvation and deliverance.

(From the sichos of Shabbos Parshas Shmos, 19 Teives 5751; edited)


2 Adar Sheini: The Avoda Of Redemption
A higher manner [of awaiting the coming of Moshiach] is that one’s “I will await” and his “all day long we hope for” the Redemption, which is felt every day in his service of “tazria,” does not only amount to a Divine service that immediately results in “that he should come,” but that the future Redemption and the focus of his service will become one and the same thing. For the coming of Moshiach is the outgrowth and hence, the perfection of his “z’ria.”

(Likkutei Sichos vol. 22, Tazria-Metzora)




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