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Moshiach Yom Yom: 10-16 Adar Sheini
Merkaz Shiurei Torah - Chabad


10 ADAR SHEINI: impossible for a Jew not to believe
When Moshe said to Hashem that perhaps it is possible that the Jewish people “will not believe me,” Hashem answered that the Jewish people are “believers, children of believers.” Certainly they will believe the words of Moshe!

The Torah of Truth testifies that a Jew’s belief, even before the giving of the Torah, is so great that even in a situation of darkness and servitude, when the Torah announces that the redemption has arrived and they will go out to a great light and with an upraised hand, it is impossible for a Jew not to believe it!

(Sichas Parshas Shmini, 13 Nissan 5745; unedited)


11 ADAR SHEINI: “MOSHIACH NOW” does not refer to the world to come, but to G-d Himself
A person may have all the good of this world and the next, but how does it compare to the true and complete Redemption? …Indeed, all the lofty revelations of the time of the Beis HaMikdash only reached the level of chitzoniyus atik (the external will of Hashem). Naturally, that does not compare to the revelation of pnimiyus atik (the inner will of Hashem) in the Future to Come!

The pasuk says, “Who do I have in the heavens [but You], and besides You I desire nothing on earth.” As the Alter Rebbe said in a state of dveikus: “I don’t want anything. I don’t want Your Gan Eden. I don’t want your World to Come. All I want is You alone.)

...In this vein, the inner meaning of “Moshiach Now” is not wanting anything at all. Not Gan Eden, nor the World to Come, etc., just “You alone” — “besides You I desire nothing.”

(Sicha Parshas Tzav, Shabbos HaGadol 5745; unedited)


12 ADAR SHEINI: shlichus with utmost dedication brings Moshiach
When the leader of the generation appoints a shaliach, of whom it is said, “a person’s emissary is like himself,” and the shaliach fulfills his mission with the utmost dedication and with his entire being, that is, with all ten soul-powers, then you have “shaliach” (348) plus 10, which equals “Moshiach” (358). In other words, the quality of the meshalei’ach is revealed within him, the quality of Moshiach. This revelation, in turn, brings about the revelation of Moshiach Tzidkeinu himself.

(Sicha leil Simchas Torah 5746; unedited)


13 ADAR SHEINI: The main thing is faith in the coming of Moshiach
Concerning those who argue that such a description and the style of its delivery are far beyond their ability to grasp, it makes no difference whether they have the ability to grasp it or not, and there is no time to wait until it is absorbed by their intellect.

Let them interpret the meaning of “the leader of the generation is Moshiach” as they wish. But the main thing is that they should fulfill the mission of the leader of the generation…including strengthening faith in the coming of Moshiach and the anticipation of his coming, as it is written, “a king will arise from the house of Dovid, etc.,” a man of flesh and blood in this physical world. And, “whoever does not believe in him or does not await his coming, not only does he deny the other prophets but [also] the Torah and Moshe Rabbeinu.”

(Sicha leil Simchas Torah 5746; unedited)


14 ADAR SHEINI: The Transcendent King
[Moshe Rabbeinu’s] principle characteristic is Torah study, the concept of hasaga (understanding). Moshiach, on the other hand, is not called Moshiach Rabbeinu (Moshiach our Teacher) but Melech HaMoshiach (Moshiach the King). Kingship signifies loftiness and transcendence, as it says, “You shall place upon you a king,” that is, “upon you” should be the fear of him, which is the concept of transcendence. And for this reason he is called Melech HaMoshiach.

(Seifer HaMaamarim 5713, p. 392)


15 ADAR SHEINI: striving for the ultimate service of Hashem
It is obvious that the knowledge that one’s Divine service in Torah and mitzvos will only be perfected in the Future to Come does not cause a weakening, ch’v, in a person’s current Divine service. On the contrary, since he so strongly desires to perfect his fulfillment of Torah and mitzvos, even now he applies himself to this end with all his might. He puts great effort into his Torah study and Divine service in general with great toil, until he sweats, etc. And he perceives this exertion as being pleasurable.

In addition, he is not satisfied with his Divine service during the time of Exile. Rather, he cries and begs Hashem to give us the Redemption now, for then he will be able to serve his Maker with the ultimate perfection.

(Sicha Parshas Bo 5743; unedited)


16 ADAR SHEINI: before you can tie your gartel
The main thing is that the discussion of the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu should be suffused with faith and certainty that Moshiach Tzidkeinu is coming this very instant, without any delay whatsoever, not even the time needed to tie your gartel. Certainly not the time it would take to borrow a gartel from your friend to be prepared to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu!

Then all doubts will be resolved, for we will be going to the greatest Kinus Torah of all, the gathering of all the Jewish people to learn “a new Torah will go forth from Me,” in a way that “one man will not teach his friend, etc., for all will know Me.”

(Sicha Parshas Bereishis 5751; unedited)




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