The Finger of G-d
Adapted from a speech by Rabbi Shloime Ezagui

Seeing G-dliness in the world has never been easier


The Rebbe writes in his letters that the function of a Torah institution is to demonstrate the connection and unity between the physical world and Torah. As we approach the time when the whole world will see this unity of truth, the times of Moshiach, the Rebbe said we must simply open our eyes and we will see how all is already in place for the unraveling of this actuality.

In this spirit I write the following article, where I will attempt to show how recent modern discoveries are no more, than principles laid out for us in the Torah thousands of years ago. I will try to demonstrate that if we really make an effort, we can see how the world is heading more and more – albeit unknowingly – in the direction of Hashem’s eternal words in the Torah.

* * *

107 billion pieces of first class mail were delivered by the U.S. postal service in 1998. How about 4 trillion, the approximate number of e-mail messages that were received by U.S. residents in 1998. By the way, do you have any idea of the difference between a million, billion and trillion? A million seconds is 11 days, a billion seconds is 33 years, and a trillion seconds is a whopping 34,446 years!!

Do you know how many cells comprise a human body? 100 trillion cells!

Most of these 100 trillion cells have a nucleus that contains a complete set of the bodies’ blueprints. These blueprints are twisted in 46 packets called chromosomes. Unravel a chromosome and you get a long thread-like molecule called DNA. Within the DNA are the blueprints called genes for making proteins. The DNA molecule has a twisted, ladder shaped structure, the famous double helix. The genetic code can be read in the rungs of the ladder. Four chemicals, spelling out the code. A pairs with T, G pairs with C, to form the rungs of the ladder.

Just for some added numbers: There are about 100,000 genes in a human body, 3 billion chemical pairs in our DNA, 10 billion or more neurons in our brain, 10 million biochemical beacons, and we haven’t even touched the surface.

Imagine for a minute going to a factory with over a million different machines in it. Each one perfectly coordinated with the other to produce a beautiful product, again, again, and again. Now someone tells you that the whole factory happened by accident –not only this factory, but also the one next to this factory, etc., and the product it produces is also part of that unplanned coincidence. Ludicrous.

Yet when considering the human body, which has, as modern scientists tell us, over 100 trillion components, and should, G-d forbid, only one of these cells go haywire, this could cause a terrible illness, we overlook the fact that it is totally illogical to think that all this was not put together by a super-mind for some positive constructive purpose.

While it’s true that just about every cell in the body has the instructions to make a complete human being, most of those instructions are inactivated when becoming the organ they end up being, with good reason. The last thing you want is for your brain cells to start churning out stomach acid or your nose to turn into a kidney. The only time cells truly have the potential to turn into any and all body parts are very early in a pregnancy, when so-called stem cells have not begun to specialize.

That is why the Torah tells us we can pray for having a boy or a girl before the 40th day of pregnancy, while there is still a chance to direct the course either way. Doctors not long ago discovered this same date, as the time when the chromosomes result in the baby’s gender.

If doctors could isolate stem cells, then direct their growth, they might be able to furnish patients with healthy replacement tissue. The same applies to cloning, which is really just the other side of the coin. True cloning, as for Dolly the sheep two years ago, involves taking a developed cell and reactivating the genome within, resetting its developmental instructions to a pristine state. Once that happens, the rejuvenated cell can develop into a full-fledged animal, genetically identical to its parent. The ability to reset body cells to a pristine, undeveloped state could give doctors exactly the same advantages they would get from stem cells: the potential to make healthy body tissues of all sorts and thus to cure disease.

Many people may be asking what does all this have to do with Yiddishkeit, Chassidus and Moshiach. The answer is everything imaginable.

Hasn’t Chassidus revealed to us – and the Rebbe repeated many times – that we should not accept outer limitations but delve deeper into the source, the omnipotent Ein Sof. Science is now thinking in exactly these terms.

When Moshiach comes there will be a revelation of truth. No more will the world conceal over the deeper truth and reality of existence. Then, when Moshiach comes, all will see that everything comes from Hashem and is constantly animated and energized by Hashem. When Moshiach comes we will see that all is Hashem, and the possibility for anything to happen was always around us.

Rashi says on the pasuk "Sh’ma Yisroel," listen Yidden, the "Hashem Who is our G-d," in the times of Moshiach, He will be accepted as "Hashem Echad," the only one and true G-d. "Ba’yom ha’hu yiheh Hashem Echad," Achdus Hashem, the unity of His existence, that all is Hashem. Then it says, "u’lavdo sh’chem echad," everyone will worship the oneness of His existence.

So until those days, just before Moshiach comes, it’s written "toameha chaim zachu," we taste this divine manifestation of truth and revelation of Hashem’s achdus and unity. As it says, "Hashamayim mesaprim," the Heavens reflect the signature and imprint of its maker. This we see today, more than ever.

For this taste and awareness of Hashem in all of creation, we have always seen the number four, which is the name of Hashem, Yud Kei Vav Kei, through which everything was created, reflected in so many essential areas of creation.

The four spiritual worlds Atzilus, Briah, Yetzira, Asiya. The four essential levels of creation domem (inanimate objects) tzomeiach ( vegetation) , chai ( living creatures ), medaber (human beings). The four ways to interpret Torah, Pardes. The four Books of the Shulchan Aruch, the four klipos, four parts of the davening, the four letters of Hashem’s name, which, through different combinations, give life to every hour of the day, etc.

Now comes modern science and discovered what we have known for thousands of years. There are basically four essential elements that constitute the essence of all matter. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Torah already told us, that at the essence of all existence there are four elements. The element of afar (earth), mayim (water), eish (fire), and ruach (air).

At the core of these above mentioned four chemicals there is the DNA of all living tissue. Four components that pair into two. Exactly like Yud & Hei, Vav & Hei, the source of all creation and the potential for all. By the way, Torah and Chassidus already tells us zachar u’nekeiva bara osam. Everything at all levels, comprises of a pair, mashpia and mekabel, a giver and receiver.

DNA the physical blueprints and basis to life, literally reflects the name of Hashem, the source and the root, which created all and is all.

In these last days of Galus, Hashem in his kindness is showing us technicalities of his world, so we become convinced of His finger b’derech ha’teva, in natural ways. In all that happens, the unbelievable wisdom of Torah. Even in Galus Mitzrayim, Egypt, it came to a point where the Egyptians themselves recognized Etzba Elokim, the finger and interaction of Hashem in what was happening.

We see now more than ever through DNA the achdus in all of creation. All of creation is essentially a united existence with one imprint on all of it, the four components, reflecting the four letters of Hashem.

The DNA is shaped like a ladder and double helix, reflecting its source, the "rungs" of Seider Hishtalshlus. Accordingly, the stairs of the Beis HaMikdash, the source for all energy in this world, were spiral!

The real core behind DNA, the four letters of the name of Hashem, may be reached through the four parts of t’filla. Every letter of the davening is like another strand of spiritual DNA. It is no wonder then to consider how careful the Rebbe is in pronouncing every letter in davening.

The Rebbe tells us so many times not to be satisfied with teva, nature, which is only a limited superficial expression of something much deeper. We can and must reach deeper to the true source, we must open our eyes and see how the opportunity for this is all around us, so we can experience Yetzias Mitzrayim, a redemption from all the self-imposed constraints and limitations, and so we can taste the Leviason, Shor HaBar, and Yayin HaMeshumar, which are already here before us.

If we study well the blueprint of creation, Torah, we will find the answers to all that we need. The basic principles and rules to all fields of knowledge are in Torah. The advice in Torah can never run counter to nature.

Today more than ever as we begin to hear, see, and experience the days of Moshiach that is becoming more and more obvious, let’s seize these last days and do our share so that we are not one of those that will be sorry for not having taken full benefit of the Galus days.


Now comes modern science and discovered what we have known for thousands of years.


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