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Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen In Seagate, NY

Gathered near the shore of the Atlantic seaboard, near the lighthouse in Seagate, a residential ocean-side community on the southern tip of Brooklyn, New York, a group of Chassidim sat together in the spirit of Gimmel Tammuz.

They farbrenged in the study hall of Yeshiva Tiferes Menachem. There was song and dance and l’chaim. Those who spoke at the gathering spoke from the heart. They related essential and inspirational ideas most important to us as Chassidim.

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Greenberg, who headed the speakers, delivered a vivid and heartfelt dvar Torah on the historical significance of Gimmel Tammuz from the era of Yehoshua bin Nun, for whom the “sun did not set,” to the times of the Rebbe Rayatz, for whom the death sentence was miraculously commuted to exile.

Rabbi Greenberg underscored the latent virtue of Gimmel Tammuz throughout history, especially as illuminated by the teachings of the Rebbe MH”M, yielding a new appreciation of this day that grants us the merit of accomplishing our mission in bringing G-dliness down into the physical world, and leading the world towards the complete Redemption.

Dr. Dovid Sholom Pape spoke next, discussing the importance of integrity with oneself and others. He related with amazement the circumstances that allow leaders of the world to live openly hypocritical lives and not be held responsible for their behavior. He urged everyone to demand from ourselves and the world honesty and integrity.

Dr. Pape also discussed the story of the Meraglim, pointing out that because the Meraglim thought of themselves as grasshoppers compared to the inhabitants of the land, they were in fact seen that way by the K’naanim. This underscores a significant lesson from the parsha: what we think of ourselves is how others will look upon us.

Dr. Pape went on to speak about the practical application of this important psychological outlook in everyone’s personal life, stressing the importance of seeing ourselves as mountains, not grasshoppers. With this stance of self-confidence, our integrity will be apparent to even our enemies and they will naturally come to respect us. Yidden in Eretz Yisroel must take this approach to heart when dealing with the crucial issue of shleimus ha’Aretz.

Rabbi Shmuel Bluming spoke next. He discussed the issues of Gimmel Tammuz, pointing out that whereas the positive aspects are necessarily associated with Gimmel Tammuz, any negative concepts are not. He discussed this idea at length, drawing from various sources. In conclusion, he noted that as far as he was aware, Gimmel Tammuz was the only day established by the Rebbe as a Yom Tov, indicating its uniqueness.

The gathering continued into the early hours of the morning, with inspiring singing, dancing, and l’chaims. The participants responded with heartfelt exchanges and words of inspiration.

Whoever was fortunate to be present was reenergized to continue to improve their personal shlichus to bring the Redemption now!


Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Greenberg, Rabbi Avrohom Lipskier, Dr. Dovid Sholom Pape, and Rabbi Shmuel Bluming


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