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Thousands Of Jews Take On Mitzvos To Hasten The Geula
By Baruch Moskowitz

In a nationwide mivtza covering hundreds of locations around Eretz Yisroel including central bus stations, business districts and malls, Jews were asked to do a mitzva to bring Moshiach. The theme of this mivtza actually began on Yud-Alef Nissan, when hundreds of Israeli buses bore a sign with this message.

In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, Matteh Moshiach in Eretz Yisroel, directed by Rabbi Shmuel Hendel and Rabbi Avrohom Dov Rosenblatt, expanded that project. The mivtza was organized jointly with Irgun Talmidei HaYeshivos in the various Chabad yeshivos. There was widespread publicity in advance of Gimmel Tammuz, with signs placed on hundreds of buses.

On Thursday, Gimmel Tammuz, Tmimim and married men went out and set up hundreds of Moshiach stands. The mivtza lasted from morning to night, with thousands of Jews being asked to don tefillin and to take on a mitzva. Nearly everyone listened to explanations about the significance of the day, a yom segula for hiskashrus to the Rebbe MH"M. Many wrote Pa’Nim to the Rebbe.

An attractive color brochure was distributed explaining how to be connected to the leader of the generation. An additional page was included about Gimmel Tammuz, explaining that we are in the final stage of Galus and that we must do all we can to bring the Galus to an end by doing a good deed. It also explains that we must learn inyanei Moshiach and Geula, particularly the teachings of the Rebbe, in order to be aware of the era we live in and to further change it for the better.

The mivtza was wonderfully organized and resulted in many interesting anecdotes. A man with long hair and earrings walked by a stand. A bachur offered him a brochure and suggested he put on tefillin. The man said, "I put them on already. I put tefillin on every day," and he went on his way. After a few minutes he came back and excitedly asked, "Is the man in the picture the Lubavitcher Rebbe?"

"Yes," answered the bachur.

"And he’s Moshiach?" he asked.

"Of course," answered the bachur.

"If that’s the case, I have to take on another mitzva. I already put on tefillin because of him, and now I have to do something else."

He explained that a few months before, he had seen some video clips of the Rebbe at farbrengens and was very moved. A few days later, a Lubavitcher asked him to put on tefillin. On the tefillin stand was a picture of the Rebbe, and the man was so inspired that he resolved to put on tefillin every day. "Today when I passed by and saw the Rebbe again, I decided to take on another mitzva."

Many of the bachurim were told stories about the connection people have with the Rebbe. The picture near each stand reminded Jews about the dollars they had received or other events they attended, and the people shared their experiences with the bachurim.

Near a stand in Yerushalayim, a taxi stopped and a middle-aged Jew got out. "In another few hours," he told the Tmimim, "I will be undergoing a complicated operation. I heard you can write the Rebbe and receive an answer through the Igros Kodesh. Please take my name and write to the Rebbe for me."

Thousands of Jewish children were registered for a letter in a seifer Torah. On Rechov Bialik in Ramat Gan, a young man approached the stand. He wanted to buy a letter for his first child, who had been born that morning. He explained that when his own younger brother had been born, the doctors discovered that he had a life-threatening condition. A Lubavitcher who knew the family suggested that they write to the Rebbe. The Rebbe said that they should buy the baby a letter in the children’s seifer Torah. The parents did so, and miraculously the doctors announced shortly thereafter that the problem had disappeared. That’s why he was there, buying his own baby a letter.

This special campaign was carried out with the participation of Tmimim from every Chabad yeshiva across the country, as well as many married men who took off a day from work and joined in carrying out the Rebbe MH"M’s work. Matteh Moshiach received countless reports of Jews who wrote to the Rebbe and took on an addition in mitzva observance. Many of these people merited to receive incredible responses through the Igros Kodesh.

Throughout this special day of inspiration, thousands of souls were ignited and brought closer to their Father in Heaven by means of good resolutions to hasten the Redemption immediately.


Mivtza T’fillin stand


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