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Camp Chomesh Enjoys Great Success

During the summer season in the United States when many children go away to summer sleep-away camps, Camp Chomesh (named after the Rebbetzin) has been enjoying great success. The camp, in its third year of operation, has acquired a terrific reputation thanks to its unique Chassidic quality, unequalled anywhere else.

Director Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Stock, shaliach in Connecticut, told Beis Moshiach it was difficult to close registration because of the flood of requests for applications. “The camp’s success is first and foremost thanks to the Rebbe’s bracha, as the camp was founded in the Rebbetzin’s honor and in her memory.”

Another vital factor in the camp’s success is Mrs. Itty Chazan, an experienced educator, who invests tremendous efforts throughout the year to ensure a successful summer.

Mrs. Stock, who runs the camp along with her husband, says that the great success the camp enjoyed last summer served as the best advertisement, and is what generated the great interest this year.

The camp administration’s goal for the summer is for the girls to receive a Chassidic education al taharas ha’kodesh in all areas – the learning, activities, in the dining room and outside appearances, with an emphasis on Moshiach and Geula.

Mrs. Chazan says that not only was registration of children greater than expected, but even the requests for jobs at the camp were greater than those at other camps. These requests poured in from all over the world: Australia, Eretz Yisroel, England, France, and, of course, from around the U.S. “We chose the most talented girls, who also excel in their Chassidishkeit and in their devotion to children.”

The head counselors are Chana Kalmanson, Rivka Hecht and Faige Frimerman, all with leadership experience. Rabbi Y.Y. Paltiel, mashpia and mechanech in Crown Heights, known for his outstanding shiurim, directs the curriculum for the girls’ learning program. Rabbi Paltiel’s incredible shiurimgreatly enhances the camp’s ruchniyus.

There is a special program directed by Mrs. Esther Winner, shlucha in Brighton Beach, in which girls train to teach about the Yomim Tovim via original, creative ideas that transform ordinary activities throughout the year, as well as the common approach to the holidays, into something special. This is the Shluchos in Training Program.

It should also be noted that the camp is under the hashgacha of the badatz of Crown Heights.

The spirit of achdus and ahavas Yisroel among the girls and the exceptional devotion the counselors have towards the campers is apparent 24 hours a day in the activities, trips, and especially in the farbrengens. The camp’s mashpia, Mrs. Esther Sperlin, devotes a great deal of time developing a personal relationship with the girls.

Music plays an important role in Camp Chomesh. All songs sung during meals and Shabbos are Chabad niggunim, and the loudspeakers around camp play Chabad niggunim exclusively. The walls in camp are decorated with colorful banners depicting Jewish and Chassidic themes.

Mrs. Stern and Baila Chanin coordinate an extraordinary art program, Mrs. Paltiel is the camp’s exceptional trip coordinator, and Mrs. Andrusier is the financial bookkeeper.

The camp did so well the first month that seventy more girls joined for the second month of camp. Unfortunately not all applicants could be accepted, and the hanhala is seriously considering acquiring larger camp grounds for next year’s program.

On Visiting Day, parents couldn’t stop raving about every aspect of camp, particularly the simcha and chayus evident amongst the girls, as well as the Chassidishe and Geula spirit. Those who visit the camp sense the spirit of the Rebbe MH”M, who clearly bestows his hashpaa and blessing on the camp.


One of the dormitories


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