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Preparations Underway For Tishrei In 770

Anash and Tmimim around the world are preparing to spend Tishrei in Beis Chayeinu. One spiritual preparation is the study of the pamphlet entitled "Nos’im L’Rebbe" (Traveling to the Rebbe), published by Hachnosas Orchim. The pamphlet includes maamarim and sichos of the Rebbe which the Tmimim will be tested on by heart before they travel to 770. The material was selected by mashpiim in Eretz Yisroel.

In addition, portions from sichos, letters, and Chassidic stories about traveling to the Rebbe are included in the pamphlet. These selections illustrate the importance of the trip and the significance of Beis Rabbeinu throughout the generations and especially in our generation. Additional chapters on the topics of hiskashrus, yechidus, and Geula and Moshiach are also included.

This mivtza just began, but it has already taken the country by storm. Roshei yeshivos and mashpiim have expressed their great satisfaction with this project, which infuses a special chayus into the bachurim.

Adults have also been talking about this special pamphlet. Many who have perused it have decided that they too want to be in 770 for Tishrei, and have begun making their financial arrangements.

The administration of Hachnosas Orchim has announced that it will do all it can to improve the sedarim and ensure the full participation of the talmidim who come from around the world. Roshei yeshivos will receive reports about their students’ attendance at the sedarim, so that Tishrei in 770 will be an inseparable part of the yeshiva curriculum.

Hachnosas Orchim expects at least 60% of the Tmimim worldwide to spend Tishrei in 770. We certainly hope that while still in the month of Elul, Melech HaMoshiach will be revealed and we will all celebrate the month of festivals in the third Beis HaMikdash.


 Pamphlet entitled “Nos’im L’Rebbe


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