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The Rebbe Tells A Miracle Story

It was a rare occurrence, but on Simchas Torah, 5716, the Rebbe told about a miracle that had taken place in Eretz Yisroel:

Knowing my father-in-law’s passion for adding a day, an hour, or even a moment of Torah study [he fought to keep the times for limudi kodesh in the morning], I told a school in Eretz Yisroel to begin their school year a while before the official school year began, and they did so.

When the government office in charge of these matters heard about this, there was an uproar. How did they dare start two weeks earlier than anyone else, when the first day of classes had been set for a certain date?

They warned them that such behavior, which was different than that of the rest of the country, could not continue, and if they persisted they would stop funding them and sever their ties with them.

What did the principal do? He wrote to me that he did not discuss it further (since he wasn’t dealing with someone proficient in Shulchan Aruch) but responded as follows:

For your information: I received a written directive to begin classes on the day I began, and that is why I did so. If you accept this — fine. And if not, it is also fine, G-d willing.

After such an answer, the other party reacted by saying, “I’ll have nothing to do with you,” but the very next day there was a complete turnaround. For two years the school had been unable to have a fence built or additional buildings approved through that government agency, then suddenly — the day after that answer — government workers came and built all the structures they had refused to build for two years!

In the normal course of things, the principal of the school has no explanation for this, and the truth is that there is no explanation. He acted contrary to their wishes and when they warned him that they would break off with him, he told them that he had received an order from here and fulfilled it. If they accept that — fine. And if not, that’s also fine. And what did they do? They came the next day and complied with all the requests he hadn’t managed to get them to do for two years!

The amazing thing is that nobody said Tehillim for this, nobody gave a penny to tzedaka for this. This is nothing but incredible success given from above, which came about through Jews who have free choice. One would think that such a thing would not even be possible for them. And even so, a kiddush Hashem came about through them.

How did all this happen? When they said that they had received an order from so-and-so [meaning the Rebbe], who has a certain title [i.e., Rebbe], then, even though the people he was dealing with had no understanding of this title, it still impressed them to the point that the very next day they fulfilled the requests the principal had been making for two years, which he had grown tired of and regarding which he had nearly given up hope.

They gave him all the necessary buildings so that more children could be accepted into the school and receive a proper Jewish education.

This all came about only by his showing the strength of his hiskashrus (connection).


An End to Suffering

Eliezer and Nurit Bar-On of Pardes Chana couldn’t even tell you how many times they had to take their young daughter Shelley to the doctor. Neither could they tell you how much antibiotics they had to give in order to treat her recurring ear infections.

Shelley’s ear infections got worse about three years ago. The pain became intolerable. She would wake her parents in the middle of the night crying from pain.

At first her parents thought that it was just typical childhood ailments and that treatment at the local clinic would help. And so, when Shelley complained about earaches, her parents would go to the clinic where they would diagnose an infection. She would receive antibiotics, which would soothe the pain for about a week, and then it would start all over again.

When it became clear that the medication was not helping, they decided to get her tested at the hospital in Kfar Saba. She was examined and underwent various treatments, but it didn’t take long for the doctors to conclude that the usual medication given under the circumstances was not working.

Finally, the doctors concluded that the only solution was an operation. Eliezer and Nurit didn’t see any alternative and agreed to this serious step. Shelley had the operation. Her parents were convinced that despite the suffering involved with the operation, at least her problem would be solved.

Unfortunately, only a few days passed and the infections recurred. Once again, pain, infection, and indescribable suffering for Shelley and her parents. They were at their wits’ end.

The only good thing that happened to brighten the gloom was their meeting with Rabbi Yosef Kurant, the director of the local Chabad house. Eliezer and Nurit knew him from before, but now they decided to consult with him.

He heard them out and suggested they write to the Rebbe asking for his bracha. In addition, he gave them a bottle of the Rebbe’s mikva water. What should we do with the water? asked the parents. Put a few drops in your daughter’s ear, he said.

In response to their concern about that, for the doctors had warned them not to get her ears wet, Rabbi Kurant told them not to worry. He assured them that no harm could come of it.

After writing a letter and putting it into the Igros Kodesh, they read about “besuras tovos” (good news) and strengthening Torah and mitzvos. They took Rabbi Kurant’s advice and gave Shelley some of the mikva water. The results? Over four months with no infections.



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