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Footsteps of Moshiach
Chapter 11

Among Bilam’s prophecies concerning the Jewish people, he says, “A star shall go forth from Yaakov and a scepter shall rise from Yisroel.” The Targum and Midrash state that this is a reference to the messianic king. The Jerusalem Talmud, however, states that this refers to each and every Jew.

The two sources may appear to contradict each other; in truth, however, they do not. For the Me`or Einayim states, in the name of the Baal Shem Tov, that every Jew contains within him a spark of Moshiach’s soul. Therefore, the verse, in referring to Moshiach, also refers to the spark of him that exists within every Jew.

Although a spark of Moshiach is obviously something spiritual, it nonetheless has some very practical and down-to-earth significance. What the spark of Moshiach means on a practical level is the potential to bring about (or bring closer) the Messianic Redemption. Every Jew has this potential. Every Jew is given the power to refine the world through his or her fulfillment of Torah and mitzvos. Torah and mitzvos eradicate the spirit of impurity little by little, until it is completely removed from the earth. Torah and mitzvos also fill up the world little by little with goodness and holiness, until “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as waters cover the ocean.”

The explanation of how Torah and mitzvos bring about the Redemption is as follows: Everything in the world contains within it what Chassidic teachings refer to as a spark of G-dliness. Every time a Jew uses an object for the fulfillment of a mitzva, he causes the spark of G-dliness contained within that object to become revealed. Every spark of G-dliness that is revealed helps create the state wherein “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the ocean” (i.e., the Messianic era).

One must be careful, however, that one’s fulfillment of Torah and mitzvos should indeed spread G-dliness, rather than add power to the forces of evil. If one’s fulfillment of Torah and mitzvos causes one to become arrogant, then instead of spreading G-dliness, the Torah and mitzvos actually give of their G-dly power to the forces of evil, thereby strengthening them. The way to avoid this problem is through praying — especially the morning prayer — with the proper concentration and devotion. When one prays in such a manner, then their Torah and mitzvos make them humble, rather than haughty.

(See Likkutei Sichos, Volume 2, pgs. 599-600)


From the Zohar:

Tzaddikim have the ability to know what a person is all about by looking at six of the person’s features: The hair, forehead, face, eyes, lips, and palms.

Three tzaddikim understand a person even without the six features: 1) Moshe Rabbeinu - the Divine Presence would tell him; 2) King Shlomo - the images upon his throne would inform him; and 3) King Moshiach - he senses with a unique spiritual sense of smell. (See Zohar, Yisro, pg. 78b)

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