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Moshiach Yom Yom: 24 Adar Sheini - 1 Nissan
Merkaz Shiurei Torah - Chabad


24 Adar Sheini: Thinking about Redemption leads to action
The call of the hour is that every single Jew, from young to old, should contemplate the true and complete Redemption through Moshiach Tzidkeinu, for “where a person’s thoughts lie, that is where he is.” Thinking about Redemption causes one to feel the Redemption, and inspires him to do everything he can — by himself and by influencing others — to bring the true and complete Redemption through Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

(Sicha 16 Adar during yechidus 5747; unedited)


25 Adar Sheini: how can we be silent?
A Jew may find himself in favorable and elevated circumstances, both materially and spiritually, learning Torah and fulfilling mitzvos in an expansive manner, but how can he relax and be silent when the true and complete Redemption has still not come?!... How is it possible for him not to turn the world upside-down with the cry, “Moshiach Now”?!

During davening, K’rias Shma Al HaMita, etc., he must scream “Shma Yisroel,” but at other times he must scream “Moshiach Now!”

(Sicha Parshas Tzav, Shabbos HaGadol 5745; unedited)


26 Adar Sheini: Moshiach Tzidkeinu, will say to parents, “Show me the offspring you have raised.”
As explained in the writings of the Arizal, the generation of the future Redemption is the same generation that left Mitzrayim. Therefore, just as the Redemption upon leaving Mitzrayim was in the merit of the righteous women of that generation, who established the “Tzivos Hashem” (Hashem’s army, made up of Jewish children) who went along with Moshe Rabbeinu, so too, the future Redemption will be in the merit of the righteous women of our generation, the generation of ikvisa d’Meshicha. They establish “Tzivos Hashem” (Jewish children) who will go together with Moshiach Tzidkeinu, who will come speedily and turn to each one of the parents and say, “Show me the offspring you have raised.”

(Sicha second day Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, to N’shei U’Bnos Chabad 5743; unedited)


27 Adar Sheini: Giving women’s work to men
When you look at those who are singing at the farbrengen, those who are even clapping on Shabbos, you see sad faces, for they feel as if they are doing avodas perech.

 Indeed, they have been forced to do “women’s work”! Looking at them, one becomes despondent. They claim that clapping is only suitable for women and children. The children have to sing that they want “Moshiach now,” and “do not want to wait, etc.,” but he can delve and meditate on the essence of Moshiach… “My servant will be successful. He will be exalted and become high and exceedingly lofty” (Yeshaya 52:13) – high levels!

According to the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov, a person is where his thoughts are. While he is thinking about the greatness of Moshiach, he is there, on Moshiach’s level! So why does he have to sing?!

[Such contemplation must, of course, also be used to inspire a person to action.]

(Sicha Parshas Mikeitz, Shabbos Chanuka 5741; unedited)


28 Adar Sheini: Moshiach has already been born, etc.
Right now, immediately after the exile, we dance to Redemption similar to the way it was at the start of exile. Right after the cow mooed once over the destruction, it mooed again, for the redeemer of the Jewish people was born. So too, now, at the end of this exile, we go from exile immediately to Redemption. For there has already been the birth of the redeemer of the Jewish people; the salvation of the Jewish people is [already] born.                                             

…Rambam rules in Hilchos Melachim that Moshiach is a king from the house of Dovid who is engaged in the study of Torah and is involved in mitzvos, etc. Since according to all signs, the time for Redemption has already come, we must say that Moshiach has already been born and is already engaged in the study of Torah, etc.

(Sicha Parshas VaYeishev, Erev Chanuka 5749; edited)


29 Adar Sheini: embarrassed to scream “Moshiach Now”
There are Jews who maintain that they have it good in Exile, and as far as they are concerned, the exile can continue another two thousand years...a most shocking thing even to think about, all the more so, to express verbally! Yet, nobody speaks up in response!

The reason for this is because those who should be screaming “Moshiach Now” are embarrassed to do so.

(Sicha Parshas Tzav, Shabbos ha’Gadol 5745; unedited)


1 Nissan: The Rosh Chodesh of Redemption
The unique quality of Nissan (and Rosh Chodesh Nissan) over the other months of the year is understood in light of the saying of our Sages, “From the time the Holy One, blessed be He, chose His world He established within it Roshei Chodashim and Shanim, and when He chose Yaakov and his progeny He established within it the Rosh Chodesh of Redemption.” That is, all of the months of the year are connected with nature, a level of G-dliness that is limited and constrained. However, the month of Nissan is connected with supernatural conduct, a level of G-dliness that is beyond limitation and constraint. This level of revelation is drawn down and revealed through the Divine service of the Jewish people (“when He chose Yaakov and his progeny”).

(Seifer HaSichos 5749, Shabbos Parshas Sh’mini, 25 Adar Sheini, pg. 359; edited)




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