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Lubavitcher Communities Plan To Unite In Non-Stop Protest

On Thursday, the 26th of Sivan, there was a gathering of Anash, the first of its kind, to discuss what action to take regarding the perilous situation in Eretz Yisroel. The meeting was organized by Matteh Shleimus HaAretz in Tzfas. Its goal: to unite all the Lubavitcher communities in non-stop protesting against the terrible decree to give Yehuda, Shomron, and Yerushalayim to our enemies. The meeting took place in the Chabad shul in Petach Tikva, led by the eminent Chassid, Rabbi Dovid Chanzin.

About thirty activists from various cities around the country participated. In addition to Rabbi Chanzin, Rabbi Yosef Shmuel Gerlitzky, shaliach in Tel Aviv, Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchok Frank, member of the rabbanus in Acco, and R’ Baruch Marzel of Chevron were present.

Rabbi Chanzin opened the meeting with praise and encouragement for those who work on behalf of shleimus ha’Aretz, and said that he made the effort to come in order to spur them on. He spoke about the obligation to protest, and quoted the Gemara in Bava Basra which says that when a person squats on somebody’s else’s field and remains there for three years, it becomes his – unless the owner protested, in which case it does not belong to the squatter. What does the owner’s protest consist of? Answers the Gemara, screaming, “So and so is a thief!”

“When the Rebbe first began talking about not giving back land, people didn’t believe how far things would go, but what’s going on today goes against all logic. How can we, in our right minds, arm our enemies from head to toe!?” asked Rabbi Chanzin. “They are cruel people who have no compassion.”

“I remember how in Chevron in 1929, there lived a Jewish doctor who was consulted by everyone, Jew and Arab alike, and never wronged anyone. Yet during the pogrom, they grabbed him and hung him upside down.

“The Rebbe explained, based on the halacha in siman 329, that when gentiles approach a border city you must go out to wage war with them. Even if you simply see them approaching, you must immediately go out to war.

“I came here in order to be with you, since I esteem those who take an interest, those who care. Even if we are weaker, we are actually stronger than they are, since Hashem is with us. It says ‘Hashem your G-d will bless you in everything you do.’ Although they appear to be successful, we will win! We just have to take action and not sleep.”

Baruch Marzel said to Rabbi Chanzin, “I live in Chevron and the threat is a bit more real than what you feel in Tel Aviv. Naturally, we look towards the commandos of the Jewish people – the Chabad Chassidim and the Chabad Houses in Eretz Yisroel – who have such a tremendous influence on public opinion. But they claim they are waiting for a directive from the rabbanei Chabad.”

Rabbi Chanzin, “Waiting for direction from the rabbanim is just an excuse. When they go eat, they don’t ask the rabbanim. When it comes to matters of pikuach nefesh, you take action!”

Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchok Frank spoke about the awakening of the public, which seems to be increasing. He said that in his city of Acco, a city with both Jews and l’havdil Arabs, lately the Israeli Arabs have begun acting up in the most depraved manner. “Today Yesha is within our cities,” he concluded.

Various suggestions were proposed. The bottom line: every Lubavitcher must make the Rebbe’s view known, whether at events, through the media, or by sending letters to the appropriate parties.

Rabbi Gavriel Marzel, director of the Chabad House in Tzfas and one of the organizers of this event, announced the resolutions of the meeting:

Each of them would hang up signs in their city. The signs will proclaim that the Lubavitcher Rebbe warns that withdrawal from territories endangers the lives of millions of Jews. Every Lubavitcher Chassid should have a sign with this message hanging on his house. Each of them should post up the new psak din of the rabbanei Yisroel, entitled, “Absolute Danger to Life,” in all shuls. Each would distribute the new brochure entitled “Don’t stand by your brother’s blood.”

The participants were given many signs, ads, and brochures and agreed to consult with the other participants as necessary.


 (From right to left:) Rabbi Lipa Kurtzweil, R’ Baruch Marzel, Rabbi Dovid Chanzin, Rabbi Frank

Rabbi Dovid Chanzin and Baruch Marzel, deliberating
How can we, in our right minds, arm our enemies from head to toe!?” asked Rabbi Chanzin. “They are cruel people who have no compassion.”


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