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Greeting Moshiach With Song

In honor of 50 years of the leadership of the Rebbe and 10 years of permanent shlichus in Kharkov, Ukraine (and in the CIS in general), a Jewish songbook in Russian has been published especially for Jewish kindergarten children.

Called Greeting Moshiach with Song, the songbook consists of over 100 easy-to-sing songs mainly in Russian. The songs are divided into seven categories and come with translations and explanations. Many songs also include wonderful ideas such as hand motions, dances, and games.

What began as a small collection of songs for the Chabad kindergarten in Kharkov rapidly grew into a project for the whole CIS. “Any music teacher, no matter what his/her Jewish background, will be able to pick up this book and understand all kinds of Jewish concepts. Then s/he will be able to teach them to the children through song,” says Esther D. Raices, principal of the Chabad kindergarten in Kharkov.

This fabulous project of hafatza, sponsored by the Global Jewish Assistance and Relief Network, will be distributed, G-d willing, not only in big cities, but also in remote villages with no more than a handful of Jews. When the children go home from school singing Jewish songs in Russian, the whole family will learn about the importance and beauty of their heritage.

Ten years ago, no one could have believed that a book of this content and caliber would ever be published. This is due to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s foresight in sending shluchim to help spread the teaching of the Torah to the Jews behind the Iron Curtain.

Russian Jews, especially the children, are very dear to the Rebbe; we have no doubt that this book will give him nachas. And we hope and pray that together with all our brothers and sisters in the CIS, we will greet Moshiach with song and happiness in the third Beis Hamikdosh in Yerushalayim!

* * *

The work of Chabad in Kharkov, Ukraine, headed by Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz, boasts a school of 500 Jewish children in grades 1-11. He also has a kindergarten of 70 children that is highly regarded in the CIS. The large synagogue, together with its mikva in the center of the city, is under major repair. There is a continuous flow of new people of all ages who attend shiurim and participate in the various clubs.

This book will, G-d willing, be sent to any kindergarten or organization working with Russian-speaking Jewish children anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in obtaining copies, please contact: Esther D. Raices / 17 Sumskaya St. Apt. #27 / Kharkiv, Ukraine 61057 / Tel/fax:  380 572 43-71-28



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