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To Behold The King In His Glory

“By visualizing the Rebbe’s face, one in a sense beholds him. In a certain way this is superior to studying his teachings, just as seeing is superior to hearing.” (Proceeding Together, Volume 1, p.  81.)

We have some dear friends who are not Lubavitchers. Some years ago they were anxious to have another child. The parents, already over forty, had five children, but they had wanted another child for some time, and finally decided to ask the Rebbe for a blessing. The entire family traveled to Crown Heights and went in line for dollars. Afterwards, the two parents and five children counted their dollars. The father had received two dollars, and one of the sons had received two dollars, for a total of nine. They wondered what this meant, and asked their next-door neighbor, a Lubavitcher. “Oh, that’s wonderful,” said the neighbor. “One dollar for each member of the family, and two extras. You’ll surely have another child, and the ninth dollar might be for parnasa.”

Sure enough, the mother conceived, and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Soon after that, this family made aliya (in fact, at the same time we did, which was in 1993), and began their new lives. In 1997, an amazing thing happened — a beautiful and healthy baby boy was born to them! The mother realized that the Rebbe had actually blessed her for two more children, which would explain the two extra dollars.

This family recently came to us for a visit. After the meal, while the parents were chatting and the kids were running all over the house, I noticed something. One of our friends’ sons was staring and staring at one of our photographs of the Rebbe. He stared at the photograph for quite some time. I forgot about it, but a few days later, as I was passing by the photograph, I decided to look at it and see if I could see what that boy had seen.

So I looked at the photograph carefully, for a minute or so, and suddenly the photograph came alive! I could feel the Rebbe’s presence. It was an unbelievable experience for me, because I’m not the spiritual or mystical type. I told my friend, the boy’s mother, about this. She was amazed. She said, “You know, that’s the boy that received the two dollars from the Rebbe...” 

Sarah Granovetter, Yerushalayim


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