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Mivtza Torah In Oholei Torah


On Monday, the third of Iyar, 24 outstanding students of Mesivta Oholei Torah were tested on the first seven chapters of Maseches Bava Basra, which was studied this year in Chabad yeshivos.

Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, principal of the high school, appreciates the great responsibility and privilege he has been given. Together with a staff of teachers and mashpiim, they put a tremendous amount of effort into the bachurim so that they become “illuminating lights.”

In addition to the regular curriculum, there is a special program in which talmidim can complete the entire mesechta, b’shakla v’tarya (content) by heart. In this way, the students acquire a vast knowledge of tractates of Shas, according to the Rebbe’s directive.

This program has existed for a few years, but a number of improvements were initiated this year. Rosh Mesivta and Mashpia Rabbi Pinchas Korf offers a special class for boys interested in this program. After concluding each chapter, the boys were given a written exam. This year, 24 boys took the final exams.

The final was administered by Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yisroel Friedman, accompanied by Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm. For two and a half hours, Rabbi Wilhelm tested the students. Rabbi Friedman expressed amazement at the students’ knowledge, proud of the great progress made this year.

Rabbi Wilhelm thanked his staff, and above all else gave credit to the bachurim, who in addition to studying the regular curriculum and going on mivtzaim, used every free moment to learn the material by heart. At the end of the year, the talmidim will be tested on the entire mesechta, giving the Rebbe MH”M much nachas.

Testing The Talmidim


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