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Lubavitch Youth Organization Marks 45 Years

Tzeirei Agudas Chabad, Lubavitch Youth Organization, celebrated its 45th birthday on Beis Iyar, the birthday of the Rebbe Maharash. The farbrengen in 770 began with a Dvar Malchus, a video in which the Rebbe speaks about the special qualities of the Rebbe Maharash, and how his famous saying, “l‘chatchila aribber,” applies to every one of us.

Rabbi Shmuel Kuperman, a member of the kollel, spoke about the significance of Beis Iyar. He mentioned that the title tza’ir (youth), as in Tzeirei Agudas Chabad, applies not only to young people, but to all who are young in spirit and energy. Rabbi Kuperman then introduced Rabbi Dovid Raskin, chairman of Lubavitch Youth Organization and spiritual director of Merkaz HaYeshivos Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch, and a member of Agudas Chassidei Chabad. Rabbi Raskin has been chairman of Lubavitch Youth since the day it was founded.

Rabbi Raskin gave an overview of the work of Lubavitch Youth, explaining that the Rebbe founded it to prepare the world for Geula. For this reason, all Lubavitcher Chassidim must devote all their energies towards fulfilling the Rebbe’s intent and actually bring the Geula.

In the L.Y.O founding letter, Rabbi Raskin related, the Rebbe described two aspects of the institution’s mission: avoda with one’s self and avoda with others, which correspond to preparing oneself and the entire world for Geula.

Rabbi Raskin noted the accomplishments of mivtzaim and mentioned the Tahalucha to Jewish neighborhoods on Sh’vii Shel Pesach, and the upcoming Tahalucha scheduled for Shavuos. Then Rabbi Raskin recalled the early days of the Rebbe’s nesius, when he actually organized the Rebbe’s first farbrengen. On Beis Nissan 5710, he and some friends asked the Rebbe to farbreng. The Rebbe said he would farbreng the following month on Beis Iyar. “None of us know the Rebbe’s reasons, but the fact is that the Rebbe’s first farbrengen after Yud Shvat 5710 took place on Beis Iyar.”

Later, the Rebbe said that despite the fact that he was discussing the founding of Tzeirei Agudas Chabad on Shabbos Mevarchim Iyar 5715 (1955), the actual founding of the organization should take place on Beis Iyar. Thus, Lubavitch Youth Organization has a special connection with Beis Iyar, l’chatchila aribber.

Rabbi Shmuel Butman, director of Lubavitch Youth Organization, spoke about the accomplishments of the organization and about the special activities that took place this past year in conjunction with Iggud Talmidei HaYeshivos. This collaboration started the year off by assisting thousands of Jews in observing the mitzva of Arba Minim, and continued with Mivtza Chanuka, an extensive Mivtza Purim, and a special farbrengen in honor of the Rebbe’s 98th birthday.

Rabbi Butman stressed that since Beis Iyar is within the same week as Chaf-Ches Nissan, the two are connected. On Chaf-Ches Nissan the Rebbe told us do everything possible to bring Moshiach, and Beis Iyar is the idea of l’chatchila aribber. The lesson is obvious: We must do all we can to bring Moshiach in a way of l‘chatchila aribber!

Rabbi Butman noted that this is the 45th year (Mem-Hei) since the founding of Lubavitch Youth Organization Chassidus explains that Mem-Hei signifies chochma, which is the idea of bittul, ko’ach mah. Along with bittul, chochma also alludes to the concept of strength. Indeed, Moshe Rabbeinu was both the epitome of humility and bittul as well as tremendous strength of character (“If not, then please erase me from Your book which You wrote”).

Although we must have an attitude of “what are we and who are we,” we must remember that the Rebbe gave us the job of preparing the world for Geula, and gave us the abilities to do so. With the Rebbe’s kochos we can accomplish this with the greatest strength, and prepare ourselves and the entire world for the true and complete Redemption.

Program director of Lubavitch Youth Organization, Rabbi Kasriel Kastel, described the organization’s work throughout the year, emphasizing the work done with young people. He spoke at length about pegishos with Chabad and about the upcoming fifth pegisha. Rabbi Kastel also stressed their collaboration with the New York shluchim, whose outreach extends to a number of hospitals and colleges in the area.

Rabbi Peretz Feigenson, who is in charge of shiurim for Lubavitch Youth Organization, spoke about the special quality of Torah study, particularly in large groups. As we stand poised on the threshold of Redemption, Torah study is even more critical, for it further hastens Moshiach’s coming.

Rabbi Yekusiel Rapp, director of the Beis Chabad at Kennedy Airport and mashgiach at Tomchei Tmimim - 770, described his work at the airport. “This work is so important because at the airport we meet people from all over the world and from all segments of Jewish society.” Rabbi Rapp stressed the special mission of our time: to greet Moshiach now!

“Lubavitch Youth: Young In Spirit”
Rabbi Shmuel Kuperman (speaking) with Rabbi Shmuel Butman - director of Lubavitch Youth Organization


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