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This Summer... Leave Your Home For Your Homeland!
(The Scoop On The Summer Of A Lifetime)


As this summer rolls around, why not take a roll down the runway? As another successful year of yeshiva winds down, why not go spiraling skyward? As the school year of 5760 comes grinding to a halt, why not pack your bags and take off, for the highest and holiest place on earth — Eretz Yisroel!

Summers like this come along only once in a lifetime!

Want it? You’ve got it!...

The holiest land, the funnest counselors, the wisest teachers, the coolest trips, the tastiest food, the deepest experience. We’re talking serious fun, intense relaxation, organized madness!

For who? For you! Only the best, the select, the finest of campers!

Specifics you say? Under the superbly competent coordination of highly experienced Israeli overnight camping director Rabbi Peretz Friedman, a hand picked and dedicated staff, consisting of mature and Chassidishe bachurim, will be traveling to the new and magnificent site of Gan Yisroel Oroh Shel Moshiach, located on the outskirts of Haifa, offering the summer of a lifetime for a select and carefully chosen group of campers and masmidim.

This could be you!... Studying the Torah of Hashem throughout the summer in the land where the eyes of Hashem are focused all year around! Learning all about the imminent arrival and future with Moshiach in the land where Moshiach is preparing to arrive. Living and connecting with the Rebbe in the land where the Rebbe will lead us now, surrounded by his Chassidim and his Yiddin, as he brings us the Moshiach today!

But everybody knows, that when you are in Eretz Yisroel — as much as you can learn from the books — you can learn from the land itself. So prepare to rise at the crack of dawn, ‘cuz we’re goin’ trippin’!

Get ready to shukkel at the Kotel, stroll in the Old City, get salty at the Dead Sea, jump in at the Jordan, shiver at the Arizal’s mikva, master Masada, get all wet at Ein Gedi, hike it in the North, bike it in the South, rock it in Bnei Brak, and in every place else!

So here come the details. If you are a fine, well behaved, Chassidishe bachur, graduating from grades six through eleven, then this is the summer program for you! But there is more than one program — actually, there are three. There’s the Camp, the Masmidim, and the Yeshivas Kayitz. Each with its very own super personal and special staff and schedule. Grades six and seven are the Happy Campers. Eight makes Masmidim. Nine ten and eleven belong to the Yeshivas Kayitz.

This special once in a lifetime flight to Eretz Yisroel is filling up fast, the door is about to close on registration. Nice guys that we are, we decided to make one final boarding call. A limited number of window seats are still available.

For more information call D. Cadaner, at - (718) 493-0708



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