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New Principal Joins Chanoch Lenaar

Yeshiva Chanoch Lenaar is pleased to announce the appointment of Rabbi Yosef Wernick of Queensland, Australia as its new principal, beginning in September 2000. Although young in years and spirit, Rabbi Wernick comes to us with a wealth of experience in the field of chinuch. He is especially known for his caring nature and his concern for the needs of each individual student.

Rabbi Wernick has been a leader and innovator in developing adult education programs both in Queensland and in Sydney, Australia. At the same time, he has taught and directed various programs for elementary and high school-age children, including classes for public school students, and those with learning disabilities and other academic challenges. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Rabbi Wernick has been involved in organizing Shabbatons, camps and other extra-curricular activities for his students.

For the past three years, Rabbi Wernick has served as rav of his shul, the South Brisbane Hebrew Congregation, as well as Jewish chaplain at the University of Queensland. His administrative skills have made him a valuable member of numerous committees, such as the Queensland Jewish Community Services, ChaiCare (Jewish Aged Care Agency), and the Educational Division of the Jewish National Fund.

As the current YCL principal, Rabbi Eliyohu Davis, moves on to become the principal of the new Bnos Menachem girls school. Dean Rabbi Yaakov Bryski is confident that Rabbi Wernick’s energy and enthusiasm will guarantee a smooth transition and bring renewed vigor to Chanoch Lenaar’s unique approach. Rabbi Wernick has visited Chanoch Lenaar, and spent time with the faculty, administration, and most importantly the students at the school. He is well-prepared to expand upon the strong foundation built by Rabbi Davis and former principal Rabbi Yosef Simpson, as he looks to broaden and augment this remarkable yeshiva program. Rabbi Wernick is also committed to ensuring that everything the students learn and each project initiated will be for the express purpose of preparing them for Moshiach’s imminent arrival, as per the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach’s prophecy of “higia zman Geulas’chem” (the time of your redemption has arrived).

Chanoch Lenaar is now entering its 25th year, completing a quarter of a century of dedication to the ideal of providing a warm and stimulating educational environment for high school age boys with little or no previous Jewish education, and those who cannot thrive in other yeshivos. However, YCL is never content to rest on its laurels.



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