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Machon Chana Alumnae Reunion: June 30- July 6, 2000

The Rebbe Picked The Date!

For the thousands of Machon Chana alumnae around the world, a reunion is something they really look forward to. An opportunity to reconnect with old friends and a chance to reminisce in 770 and Machon Chana, the reunion is an oasis in time and space which infuses each participant with revitalizing kochos and garners her with the wisdom and chayus to be able to face whatever challenges life has in store.   

It was time for a new reunion, and six month ago the staff was looking for an appropriate date. Not being able to decide between Adar Bais or just after Pesach, Director Mrs. Sara Labkowski asked the Rebbe. The letter she opened was one written in honor of  a Bais Rivkah banquet held during the week between Parshios Shlach and Korach. When she looked up the date, she was surprised to find that it was the week of Gimmel Tammuz. It was not a time they would have chosen because many people are away on vacation. But the appropriateness of the letter to the times and present situation was awesome..

The yearly banquet that falls out this year in the week between Parshas Shlach and Korach, surely has a providential fortuitous connection to the contents of these two parshios.

These two Parshos discuss two stormy and tragic episodes that our ancestors experienced in the desert on their journey from Egypt to Eretz Yisroel- the rebellion of the Meraglim and the controversy of Korach and his cohorts against Moshe.

How did the women behave in these critical moments and turning point for the Jewish nation?

Our sages o.b.m., tell us that the women in general did not support the upheaval that certain wavering men precipitated, on the contrary, they displayed a great amount of faith in the Almighty, loyalty to Moshe Rabbeinu, the Torah and love of the Holy Land.

They, therefore, merited to  raise a new generation of children, that were imbued with trust and love of Hashem, to Torah and mitzvos, and they entered and inherited the Holy Land.

The fundamental lesson is clear. It shows how far a Jewish woman and mother can accomplish in the rearing of children, even without the help of her husband, and how much more so with his help. And how far a woman can influence her husband and the foundation of the home, to the point of being crowned with the title “builder of the Jewish home.”

If in all times the Jewish women played a highly significant role in the formation of the Jewish home and life in general, how much more so in our times and situation. Therefore the Rebbe, my father-in-law, obm, put so much effort in founding, supporting and expanding the girl’s schools, where precious Jewish daughters are being brought up al taharas ha’kodesh, to be real builders of the Jewish home and to ensure the future of the Jewish nation. Great is the merit of every man and woman that participates in the work of supporting and expanding the girl’s schools and great is the reward of being blessed with all that one needs both physically and spiritually.

Besides choosing the date, the Rebbe also gave Machon Chana the special z’chus to celebrate its reunion and banquet on this auspicious day. Whereas the Rebbe Rayatz established Bais Rivkah, the Rebbe’s innovation was Machon Chana - education for women from secular backgrounds as well.

The Rebbe expressed his favoritism many years ago by saying, “Whoever suspects me of being prejudice to Machon Chana is right.” He now reminded us of His special connection and offered guidance to his “daughters” and through them, to women around the world.

The Rebbe also chose the theme: Empowerment of women; Keeping eyes set on the goal; Influencing husbands; and, above all, chinuch – “raising a new generation of children that are imbued with trust and love of Hashem to Torah and mitzvos so that (we too) will enter and inherit the Holy Land.”

The conference is open not only to alumnae, but to all women who feel they can gain from this one-of-a-kind program. The theme “As we stand at the threshold of Redemption: Being the Best We Can… and Beyond” begins with a Shabbos program focusing on personal avoda and Moshiach. Sunday brings a day on Relationships with simultaneous for married women, single women, and marrying off our children workshops. The three-day Chassidic Chinuch conference begins on Monday with morning workshops on The Ingredients of A Chassidic Heim, and afternoon sessions on Raising a Bas Chabad and the challenges involved. Tuesday focuses on the needs of Special Children, Difficult Children, At Risk Teenagers, Disciplining with Love, Dealing with Disappointment in our Kids, Women’s Health Issues and more. Wednesday, the last day of the Chinuch series is dedicated to Raising a Chayal. These sessions, run by top Mechanchim, will hopefully cover all the issues involved in reaching this goal.

Evening programs include a Melava Malka with entertainment and dance, Self- Discovery Workshops on: Anxiety: Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway, Building Self-Confidence, The Challenge of Aging Parents and How to Maintain our Views and Still Be Tolerant; a Monday night Farbrengen with REBBITZENS and Tuesday night Self- Improvement Workshops including budgeting, dressing, cooking, etc, etc. .  

The highlight of the reunion will be the program the Rebbe chose for Gimmel Tammuz. The gala banquet run jointly with N’shei Chabad, will focus on and Thanking the Rebbe for Believing in Us and Helping us Believe in Ourselves. The speakers will include an alumna, a mother and daughter of alumnae and staff members acknowledging and thanking the Rebbe for the gifts He gave us.     

The week- long conference will end with joining the Bais Medrash L’Nashim special Gimmel Tammuz program in 770 and a working lunch with resolutions.


Women are coming in from all over the world. Shluchim, who know women in their community who might be interested, can call the Machon Chana office at 718-735-0030 for invitations and additional information. Women who want a real spiritual uplift this Gimmel Tammuz can do the same.



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